Apollo-M Delivers Unlimited Music Lessons to Musicians for $4.95 Per Month

When I was a kid, learning guitar meant finding a local teacher and getting weekly lessons – which is still the most popular method. More recently you can buy DVDs and watch YouTube instructions to help you along. And now Apollo-M introduces subscription music instruction which they describe as ‘Netflix for music learning’, giving you a la carte lesson access!

Apollo-M Delivers Unlimited Music Lessons to Musicians for $4.95 Per Month

While most do-it-yourself lessons are a one-off like the excellent ‘Lick Library’ feature ‘How to Play Slap Bass’, at Apollo-M that is just one component of a larger music instruction view – you get all kinds of lessons on a variety of instruments, that you can access from anywhere you are. But it isn’t just about viewing others – you can share your music and ideas and lessons for others to view, and if they turn into paid content you get some of the revenue!

Here are some of the features:
• Get unlimited access to thousands of music instrument lessons with video and audio
• Access podcasts, web TV shows, live concerts, bios and documentaries about learning and playing music
• Purchase over 250,000 sheet music downloads, music products and accessories at a substantial discount
• Play along with 3D game-like music instrument animations and get interactive feedback on how well they have played a piece of music
• Practice performances with band backing tracks
• Record and mix their own compositions, then upload them for others to hear
• Tune their instruments and use the chord and scale finder to improve repertoire
• Network with a worldwide community of music students, teachers and music professionals
• Locate and connect with teachers or students in their local area or set up live video lessons
• Upload, share, discuss and customize lessons and lesson plans and provide feedback to students
• Share in the revenue generated from memberships and pay-per-view, user-generated lesson content

As someone who has played music for four decades and put my kids through years of lessons on a number of instruments, I find Apollo-M a compelling new experience and hope it grows and gains traction and benefits lots of people young and old who want to learn to play music.

Head to the Apollo-M site to get more details and sign up to start your music learning adventure!

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