Verizon’s Connection Day Will Celebrate Your Mobile Gear

On November 26, Verizon will celebrate Connection Day, offering free holiday tech gifts to everyone to connect people to their smartphone content including apps, in-flight Wi-Fi access, book downloads, magazine digital edition downloads, and music service trials. MORE Everything customers who register will also get “one-time”1GB sharable data gifts plus an additional 1GB on their next billing cycle.

This day before Thanksgiving mobile merrymaking will include largely short-term gifts through several collaborations with other companies like Amazon, Apple,, Boingo Wireless, Conde Nast,  Gogo Technologies JetBlue and Pandora. You might want to sign-on with the partnering companies since they will have bonus offers for existing members.

Verizon's Connection Day Will Celebrate Your Mobile Gear

MORE Everything customers who register for connection day at are eligible to immediately receive a one-time gift of 1GB of shareable data applied to their account.  Plus, they’ll get another 1GB of data in their next billing cycle.

Not a MORE Everything customer? You will still get a special discount on the mophie powerstation 4000 to keep your mobile gear going.

Will you get some connections on this day?

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