Nillkin Sparkle Leather Cover Hard Case for Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

One of the inexpensive ways to carry and protect your Sony Xperia Z3 compact is the Nillkin Sparkle Leather Cover Hard Case. It has come “bling” without being obnoxious. Better still, it actually protects the small Sony super-phone with aplomb and it won’t break the bank thanks to its inexpensive cost.

Sony Xperia Z3 compact
It was immediately clear to my why this case carries the name it does. The design of the case catches the light in such a manner that it truly does “sparkle” as you move it around. The company notes that the Sparkle Leather Case is made from “select imported leather and pearl.” I have a hard time believing the material they use is actually leather but, other than my appreciation for truth in advertising, it honestly doesn’t matter matter to me.


The rest of the description on Amazon is equally perplexing as it speaks about a “window” that lets you interact with the device without opening the cover. That seems to be describing a different case so… be warned- while the product page has pictures of the actual case the wording seems to be describing something entirely different.

So here’s my ACCURATE description… This is a simple, inexpensive folio-style case. The Sony Xperia Z3 compact snaps into the hard plastic shell and is held fast at each of the four corners by the design of this portion of the case. The cover of the case is thin but rigid and sits over the screen when the phone is not in use. Slits at the top and the bottom of the cover allow the phone’s speakers to be heard even when the cover is in place. And the “sparkly” material the company used for the case offers interest without being completely obnoxious.

Video Review of the Nillkin Sparkle Leather Cover Hard Case for Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

This case isn’t going to be my go-to case. It isn’t that I don’t like the design. I do. Folio-style cases actually work quite well with Sony’s Xperia line of phones. And it isn’t that the case is too cheap for me. Yes, it does truly fall into the category of “inexpensive case” but I don’t mind that. The actual price of a case is, to be honest, irrelevant to me and I have not need to know the thing protecting my phone was pricey as hell. No, for me the issue with this case and the reason I don’t see myself actually using it comes from the fact that it truly does live up to its “sparkle.” I simply don’t do sparkle. If you do and are looking for an inexpensive way to protect your Z3 compact and like things that shimmer and shake check this inexpensive case out. Get yours [Affiliate Link] here.

Source: Personal purchase of this Sony Xperia Z3 compact compact case

What I Like: Inexpensive way to protect your phone; Definitely lives up to its “sparkle” name

What Needs Improvement: I don’t like the sparkle; Case is thin and there is no way to keep the screen cover closed

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