808 Soundcap Keeps Your Head Warm and Your Music Going

Ah, winter in the northeast. This season was made for crackling fires, warm apple cider, heated steering wheels, and… The 808 Soundcap. The Soundcap may sound a bit cheesy but, to be honest, I’m a fan. It promises to keep me warm AND let me enjoy my music this winter. And for just $19.99, it is a great last-minute stocking stuffer.

808 Soundcap

I like the way this audio-beanie looks, but to be honest, even if I didn’t like the looks I would probably be wearing it this winter. You see, the beanie fits me perfectly, is light enough to be comfortable, and it keeps me warmer than most of the hats of similar design that I have tried over the years. Add in the fact that it covers your ears completely, and you end up with a hat that is design to really keep you warm.




From the Company:

808 Soundcap is an ultra comfortable beanie with built-in speakers so you can listen to music or take phone calls on the move this winter. Simply connect your music with included standard 3.5mm cable to your phone, tablet or audio device. Rich sounding, compact speakers can be removed so the hat can be machined washed. One size fits all.

When you first put on the Soundcap Beanie with Built-In Speakers you notice a few things. First, there is a short cable coming from the rear of the beanie. This makes sense since these are designed for music. I do, however, appreciate the fact that the cable can be disconnected and only a short female plug remains attached to the beanie itself.

You will also notice that there is a hard plastic circle on each side that is “hidden” in the two layers of the beanie. These are the speakers and each is provided just enough movement within its “pocket” to allow you to move the speaker around and into position over your ear. The design works well and places the speakers into position without causing discomfort. In fact, once the speakers are in position you don’t really feel they are there unless you actually rest your head on something that pushes the plastic into your ears.


Video Review of the Soundcap:

The only other part of the Soundcap Beanie with Built-in Speakers is the included audio cable. This 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable is thick and made from woven cloth. That’s a good thing since it is designed to be used with the Beanie when you are outside and being active. The cable really looks and feels like it is up to the task of dealing with all sorts of use and abuse. The inline remote and microphone are made from plastic. They look solid but do feel a bit on the cheap side and I do worry that this will be the failure point in the product. That noted, it works fine right now and I appreciate the fact that the volume adjustment is a slider rather than two separate buttons. Next to the remote and microphone is a plastic clip that allows you to keep the controller in the optimum position for you.

Features of the 808 Soundcap:

  • Superior sound quality
  • Standard headphone jack plugs into your smartphone, ipod or MP3 player
  • Detachable long cable with in-line Mic for hands-free calls
  • Track button and volume control on cable
  • Machine washable hat – removable speakers

As for sound… The Soundcap Beanie with Built-In Speakers isn’t going to win any awards from audiophiles. It sounds good but not great. Still, this isn’t designed for a high-end listening experience. No, this is designed to let you enjoy music and make or take calls on the go. From that perspective it works just fine. No, in fact, from that perspective it does well and is surprisingly good.

Add in the fact that you can pull the speakers our of the cap and wash it when the need arises, and you have a pretty compelling solution for staying warm AND listening to your music on the go. You can learn more about the Soundcap on the product page.

Source: Company Supplied Review Sample of the 808 Soundcap Beanie with Built-In Speakers

What I Like: Keeps your head and ears toasty even on the coldest days; Can be used as a standard beanie or you can tap into the music aspect of it; Washable; Unassuming “functional” looks; Sound better than I expected

What Needs Improvement: While they sound better than I expected they still aren’t going to blow you away in the audio department

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