Liquid Plastic Welder Bondic Is an Incredible Do-It-Yourself Tool

If you need a last minute Christmas gift for a do-it-yourselfer, you’ve got to check out Bondic. It’s the world’s first Liquid Plastic Welder. The full system fits in a package the size of a pen case and can quickly and easily fix, bond, and fill anything and cures within four seconds. The Bondic Complete Starter Kit sells for $21.99.

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This is one of the coolest reviews that I’ve ever had the pleasure of completing as Bondic is unlike any other glue or fastener on the market. There are two components to Bondic, the liquid plastic and the UV light. Bondic comes in a pen-like form with the liquid pen on one side and the UV light on the other. When the liquid plastic is exposed to a special UV light, it hardens and cures into a hard plastic within four seconds.

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Bondic’s liquid plastic formula is truly amazing, as it never dries out, can be painted over (once cured), and can even be cured UNDER WATER! You can even use Bondic to create new thread that can actually be used with a screw. Not only does Bondic fix things or bond them together, you can also create new plastic with Bondic by curing multiple layers of Bondic over each other. Bondic’s liquid plastic can withstand temperatures from -40C to 150C. Another great use for Bondic is insulating electrical wires where the original insulation was stripped away. Check out the photos below for some examples of how you can use Bondic.

Bondic was used to create thread!

Bondic was used to create thread!

Bondic was used to repair a broken glasses arm.

Bondic was used to repair a broken glasses arm.

Bondic was used to insulate and connect two wires.

Bondic was used to insulate and connect two wires.

Here are the typical steps for how you would use Bondic: First, you sand the surfaces you’re trying to bond for a permanent bond. Then, fill the area with liquid plastic making sure there’s room for the UV light to get in and cure the plastic. Then use the UV light to cure the plastic for at least 4 seconds. You’ll want to move the UV light around to ensure that all areas of the plastic are cured. Then, once the plastic is hard, you’ll want to file, sand, or paint the plastic in order to achieve your desired results.

Now, I’m not very handy, and I make no attempts to say that I am…but Bondic is incredibly easy to use! I won’t say that my Bondic work was perfect, but I was able to fix two items around my house that have been waiting a long time for the perfect solution. I was able to fix a glass figurine as well as a bobblehead with Bondic, as you can see in the photos below. The entire process of preparing, bonding, and cleaning up took 10 minutes, tops.

If you can’t already tell, I LOVE Bondic. It’s an incredibly versatile material and it can be used in almost any situation. The bond that Bondic creates is crazy strong and it’s amazing how it can be used to build up new plastic materials by just layering Bondic on top of Bondic. If you’re looking for an easy way to fix, adhere, or fill, there are no better options than Bondic.

You can purchase Bondic directly from the manufacturer. It is sold as a Starter Kit, but you can also separately purchase additional LED lights and liquid plastic refills.

Source: The Bondic Media Kit and Sample Units were provided to me as a review sample by the manufacturer.

What I Like:  Amazing Strength; Easy to use; Incredibly versatile; Inexpensive.

What Needs Improvement:  Nothing.

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