SEGA Game Sales Slip: Is It Game Over?

SEGA (short for SErvice GAmes) recently encountered a setback in their continuing video game production, as their mainstay franchise didn’t make a big sales boom and instead lost some gold rings in the market.

Sega did not get the big boost in console game sales they were hoping for. Sega recently boosted their recent game development by over 25 percent to 50 games.


SEGA’s Sonic Boom platform video game disappointed with 490,000 copies sold on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS consoles. Their latest installment in their Football Manager series also declined for a second straight year after Football Manager 2013 broke a sales record.

Sega also saw advertising expense rise dramatically by over 50 percent, which also hurt overall company health. Alien: Isolation was the best performing SEGA console game at almost two million copies sold. Sega announced general plans to concentrate on more mobile and PC games as a result.

Sega previously had their own Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast game consoles to direct their game production, but must now rely on existing consoles as a third-party game producer/developer.

Do you think it might be game over for Sega?


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