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Here at GearDiary, a lot of us writers test out new products all the time. But with all of the awesome items we see & review, I figured I’d throw out a few of my favorite daily drivers that I use the most.

Everything I use regularly.

Everything I use regularly.



11-Inch Macbook Air

So much slimmer b ycomparison

So much slimmer by comparison

After having a 2009 13-Inch Macbook Pro for a while, and having two hard drive failures, I could not hold off when it came to my birthday earlier this month. A gift from my girlfriend, I decided to go with the 11-Inch 256gb, 8gb ram Macbook Air. I originally wanted the retina display, which I’m certain Apple will drop any day now that I’ve jumped the gun and purchased this model. Regardless, this model is small and compact and functions just the way I need it to. I can carry it to a local eatery and purposely forget the charger, because the battery is so impressive. The MB Air is perfect for those on the go.

Starting at $899 Shop MacBooks

iPhone 6 Plus- 64gb

Screencap used with- iWrapper app

Screencap used with- iWrapper app

As a self-proclaimed techy, when Apple told me they were releasing a bigger iPhone, I went through ALL measures to get it. I paid someone on Craigslist to line-sit from Midnight until 5am (where I came to relieve him) at the Verizon store so I could get this thing. Only to find out the particular store I went to (the biggest one locally) only had 16gb models. Scrambling to a store close to my office two hours later, I finally walked out with this model. I wanted 128gb version, but coming from a 64gb iPhone 5s, I took what I could get at the time. At the end of the day, I LOVE my 6 plus for it’s size, portability, and the fact it’s even made me forget my iPad Mini Retina.

iPhone 6 Plus Starting at $299 Shop iPhones

IPad Mini Retina- 128gb

iPad Mini sitting with it's siblings

Purchased after giving my Grandmother my iPad 3, the retina mini was normally used to watch Netflix, Hulu, and to entertain my Goddaughter Carmen when she came over. Usually sitting in a Clamcase keyboard case, the iPad is great for my daily commute to and from home when I feel like watching a TV show like House of Cards, or catching up on Game of Thrones, which I need to finish season 4 by April 12th. If you have the 6 Plus iPhone I’d advise against getting this now, but if you fly or travel often, and like the happy medium between the Macbook and the iPhone, I suggest this model, and gigabyte size.

Starting at $399 Shop iPad Mini

Mophie/ Portable Chargers

How many times can you possibly charge your devices?

How many times can you possibly charge your devices?

I keep at least one of these in my Patagonia at all times. For the times you and friends go to happy hour and you’ll need a quick charge, you can always plug this up and keep it in your bag versus being “that guy” at the bar asking the bartender if he can plug in your phone. (I strongly advise not doing that by the way)

Between $49.95-99.95 Mophie Portable USB Chargers

Seagate External Hard Drive- 1TB

1tb of Storage included

I’ve had this Seagate External Hard Drive for about two years now, mainly because I keep a lot of downloaded movies on it, versus clogging space on my Macbook. Since buying my Macbook Air, which only has one USB port, I’ve been on the market looking for a wireless hard drive like a Lacie Fuel, or something similar. But Seagates have never failed me, and their customer service has always been nice if I’ve had any problems. For those of you with a lot of data you like to be able to move from device to device, this external hard drive is top-notch.

$69.99 Seagate Hard Drives

AGloves for Touchscreen devices

For those times you want to swipe with your pinky.

For those times you want to swipe with your pinky.


Currently in Washington, D.C. the snow has been falling since last night, and not expected to stop. Bored in the house, and having a certain craving for Chipotle, these gloves will for sure save me from having to taking off my left-hand glove in order to type a text back or to check something on my iPhone. In the winter, these are not only comfortable, but the entire glove works for touchscreen, on all fingers, compared to most touchscreen gloves that only use the index and the thumb. I highly suggest you invest in a pair.

$14.99 with Free Shipping – AGloves

Patagonia Half Mass 15L Messenger Bag

Patagonia Bag holds ALL of these items, and more

A Christmas gift from my future Mother-In-Law, this Patagonia bag houses all of my devices when I’m traveling to work everyday. It’s simple, has a slot for my bottled water, and I can stick a pack of gum in the front zipper pocket. With a separate compartment for laptops, and being water-resistant, I have no qualms with walking out in the rain and damaging my devices.

$99 Patagonia Bags

All of these account for my daily devices, so if you’re looking for new items to try, I highly suggest each and every one of them, especially this tax season! Feel free to let us know what items you use as well in the comments below.

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