The Ghost Archives: Haunting of Shady Valley Brings Chills to the Mac!

When I reviewed The Ghost Archives: Haunting of Shady Valley last year I said the basis of the story is fairly typical for the genre but the game wrapped around it is fun and engaging. You play as an agent investigating a haunted mining town whose inhabitants disappeared mysteriously and need your help to free them. Check it out!

Ghost Archives

Type of app: Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) game

Platform/where to buy: Mac; available in the Mac App Store

Developer: G5 Entertainment


  • Over 100 eerie locations
  • Five spellbinding chapters
  • 20 enthralling mini-games
  • 19 desirable achievements
  • 2 gameplay modes: casual and expert
  • Breathtaking graphics and unique storyline
The Ghost Archives: Haunting of Shady Valley Major features:

As the game begins, you are shown a scene from Shady Valley, an old mining town where the inhabitants started to disappear one by one. You play as an agent from S.O.U.L. sent to investigate and help free the inhabitants who are trapped in this realm.


The Ghost Archives: Haunting of Shady Valley lives up to its name with a story that features haunting and chilling locations – and plenty of friendly and helpful ghosts to aid you on your way throughout the game.

Throughout the game you will encounter objects scattered around the environment, hidden object scenes, combined-object puzzles, and mini-games that range from very simple to rather complex. Some of the ghosts you meet will help you and others will need you to do something first.

Ease of use/Overall performance:

The Ghost Archives conforms with genre norms – if you have played any other hidden object games, you will settle into this one immediately – it is a fairly standard genre game in terms of mechanics and gameplay. This isn’t a bad thing – I found that I greatly enjoyed the way things flowed throughout the game and wouldn’t have messed with anything.

You can choose to play in Casual or Expert mode, with Casual mode seeming to offer an endless stream of hints and ending up perhaps too easy for most players. Expert provide a more solid challenge.


As noted the technical aspects of the game are excellent – great visuals, snappy performance in terms of load-times and transitions, click-accuracy is solid, and I never had a crash. The sound and extras are all excellent, and overall I was very impressed.

Would use again/recommend?: Definitely! While the simple story had me concerned at first that it would be too much like the recent ‘Paranormal Agency 2’, The Ghost Archives is a great experience. The puzzles are set up to be challenging but not frustrating. The story is engaging and keeps you working through area after area. The characters are unique and interesting and provide helpful clues and fun distractions along the way. You will spend several hours working through The Ghost Archives, and it is enjoyable throughout!

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Nothing

Source: Publisher provided review code

Price: Free download – (in-app purchase for full game is $6.99. On sale through February 28th for $4.99)

Here is the The Ghost Archives: Haunting of Shady Valley trailer:

The Ghost Archives: Haunting of Shady Valley is also available on iPhoneiPadGoogle Play, and Kindle Fire.

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