Relief for CPAP Users With the Airing

I am afflicted with a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA. OSA is when you stop breathing many times a night. There are many treatments for OSA including surgery, but by far the most effective has been a machine called a CPAP machine. CPAP machines have a dreaded hose and requires electrical power. Until now thanks to the Airing.

Relief for CPAP Users With the Airing

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.  It keeps your airway open by blowing air into your nose or mouth depending on what kind of mask you have. It’s an amazing invention that can work for many, but the biggest issue is getting comfortable with a hose attached to a mask on your face. Invariably you will turn and get tangled up in the hose or get it caught on the night stand. Sometimes sufferers like myself get frustrated and fall into noncompliance, that is you give up on using your machine.

Airing aims to change this by using a technology called Micropumps.  Micropumps is made using MEMS(micro electro mechanical systems), a technology that allows them to produce mass quantities of these pumps quickly and effectively. Stephen Marsh, the inventor of Airing quickly discovered that by using this technology he could make three million of these pumps per minute. Not long after this, Marsh looked to his brother who is a non compliant CPAP user and that’s how the Airing was born.

The Airing is a VERY small CPAP machine that has a nasal interface and is completely self contained and includes it’s own battery. It requires no hoses and no straps to keep the mask on your face. Since the technology used to make this can be made cheaply, the CPAP machine itself is disposable and FAR cheaper than the CPAP machines available now, which are usually rented to own from your provider.

This revolutionary device, which can work miracles for Sleep Apnea suffers isn’t available yet. Next month they are starting an Indiegogo campaign that aims to make enough money to get Airing on the market.  This is really exciting. I only have 2 issues that would stop me from using the Airing.  One is that I use something similar to a CPAP called a BIPAP.  BIPAPS blow air in two directions…in and out…where as a CPAP only blows when you breathe in. The other issue is that I tend to open my mouth at night so I would need something that covers both my nose and mouth.  If they can make a full face Airing I am SO in!

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  1. Don’t CPAP machines require FDA approval? That seems like an awfully high hurdle to clear for a crowd-funded invention.

    I know a few people who use CPAP machines, and this would be exciting if it becomes a real thing, but my skepticism is high for this.

    (I hope you’ll forgive me for this terrible pun, because untreated sleep apnea is such a serious issue, but…) I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this to actually come to market.

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