Know When to Fold ‘Em: Jorno’s Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

After following their Kickstarter a few years back, I was actually surprised when I got the opportunity to review Jorno’s tri-fold Bluetooth keyboard. I’ve used quite a few Bluetooth keyboards for my devices, but none quite like this one. And to be honest, that’s a good thing.


The first thing you see after ripping open the packaging is how compact and sleek the keyboard truly is. Jorno’s selling points back in 2012 when they first launched their Kickstarter was how it is the world’s smallest, pocket-able keyboard. They certainly didn’t lie.

Know When To Fold Em: Jorno's Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

After close to $105,000 in pledges and a slight delay in production to get everything functioning perfectly, the Jorno keyboard uses some great materials, including a metal casing with the Jorno name engraved on it, but the entire thing feels very secure and feels nice to the touch. But the beauty is all in when it’s opened.

Know When To Fold Em: Jorno's Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Once opened, the black plastic keyboard is split into three sections, and you receive a welcoming LED light that illuminates, letting you know the keyboard is completely unfolded. There are hinges that are built into the case that help to separate each section, which might not be aesthetically pleasing to some, but I personally liked the industrial look of it.

Know When To Fold Em: Jorno's Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

The manual states that there are two different colors to show you the keyboards status, green being good and red meaning that it needs charging. When unfolded it measures around 9 inches wide, and half that size when folded. There’s a protective case included with it, but the metal casing is so nice, I never bother with it anyway.

Know When To Fold Em: Jorno's Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

The full QWERTY keyboard is everything you’d expect from a Bluetooth keyboard, complete with proper “Shift”, “alt” and “Enter” keys. As someone who uses their iPad often at home I needed to try this. Working with all Android, Windows, or iOS devices, I paired it with my iPad Retina Mini by pressing the “FN” and “C” keys at the same time. On the first try though, it didn’t connect so I turned my tablets Bluetooth off and back on, and it seemed to recognize “Jorno Keyboard”. After that I simply had to press the “E” key (Apple devices need to use this key. Android and Windows have their own specialized button) and I had my iPad connected.

Know When To Fold Em: Jorno's Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Having not charged the Jorno before using, I was able to go for about a week of productively using it between my iPad and iPhone 6 Plus before getting the red indicator meaning I needed to charge it soon. Jorno promises that it’s rechargeable lithium ion battery is functional up to a month per charge if you use it normally which I do. This isn’t a problem because they included the Micro USB charging cable and after leaving it plugged up for 2.5 hours I was back typing up this review coupled with Evernote and my Jorno!

Know When To Fold Em: Jorno's Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Obviously typing with the Jorno was a delight, especially for someone who hates attempting to type on my iPad. Accompanied with a case that folds into a stand, I was able to set up the iPad in a portrait angle and typed my life away. For those who travel, you’ll love the fact you can pull it right out of your pocket on that long flight and get to typing. It’s a familiar feeling from your standard Bluetooth keyboards, but it has a portable factor, and it has a quality build, so you won’t feel bad dropping it from waist level or off of a desk.


If you’d like to purchase your own Jorno keyboard, you can buy one today for $99 from Jorno’s website.


Source: manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: the metal casing is nice and sturdy and the portability is flawless

What Could Use Improvement: Nothing, surprisingly

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