I Hear That Audeze Has Great New Headphones Coming Out Soon


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We’re pretty fond of Audeze here at Gear Diary. Just last year they announced the first ever in-ear planar headphones on the market so exactly how do you follow that up? Click to find out.

I Hear That Audeze Has Great New Headphones Coming Out Soon

Audeze recently announced the iSINE LX, their newest edition to their iSINE line, which promise to be in every audiophile’s checkout bin this year. With their patented Fluxor Magnets and ultra-thin diaphragms, the iSINE LX promise to deliver clear, accurate sound with an unmatched bass. With virtually no distortion even at the highest volumes, you’ll feel closer to your music than you did with even the iSINE10 and iSINE20, all for under $200.

I Hear That Audeze Has Great New Headphones Coming Out Soon

The iSINE LX actually work with REVEAL, which are a set of separately sold plug-ins that can be used for mixing your own tracks while on the go. If you’re familiar with digital audio workstations, you can use it with both PC’s and MACs. And while the iSINE LX come with a standard 1.5m audio cable, you can purchase the CIPHER Lightning cable that will work for the iPhone for an additional $60.

One of the more affordable options from Audeze, you can purchase yourself a pair today by visiting this link.

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