iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go

If you’re taking a road trip this summer, you’ll want a way to keep your phone safe, secure but also accessible. After all, holding your smartphone is not only dangerous but it is illegal in many states. The iMagBond Vent Mount system is a great option for keeping your pocket computer available but secure.

iMagBond Vent Mount
The company describes the product this way:

The iMagBond is a magnet powered CNC aluminum made, smartphone dashboard, air vents, CD-slot stands designed to make your daily commute as well as longer trips easier and safer.

The system I have been using on and off for some months comes in two parts. First there is the Vent Mount.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
This is a beautiful CNC anodized aluminum unit that safely locks into your vent. If you have used other vent mounts you know how flip-floppy they can be. When the vent shifts the mount also shifts with it. Personally this is reason enough that I have never been a fan… until now.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
The iMagBond Vent mount locks securely onto one of the vents and tightens with a twist of the thumb ring. The key here is the small “wing” that extends down from it and rests on the vent slat just below the main slat that is being gripped by the mount. This added layer of stability makes a huge difference and allows the iMagBong Vent to lock in place without movement or shifting.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
The second part of the system is the metal plate that comes with the Vent. This has 3M adhesive and can securely affix to the back of your smartphone.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
I don’t love that option so I tried simply putting it between my Sony Xperia Z2 and a case I like to use with the Sony smartphone.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
The plate stayed in place and, thanks to the strong magnets used by the system, was still able to grab and hold the phone.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
This despite the fact that the iMagBond and the plate never came into direct contact.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
If, however, you are using a case that has a metal strip built into it, something like the Logitech Protective Plus case for the iPhone 6, you won’t need to use this plate at all.

The company explains the key features of the iMagBond this way:

  • High-End beautiful, solid CNC anodized aluminum made, not plastic.
  • Dashboard, Vent and CD-Slot( Patent pending ) are available.
  • It is universal, good for any smartphones and portable devices.
  • Magnetic Hands-free, quick attach/detach.
  • Compatible with Tripod. (Yes, iMagBond’s Magnetic head has standard thread of tripod, can be easily mounted to tripod, you get an extra cellphone tripod mounting!)

In addition to the vent mount the company also offers a Dashboard and a CD-slot mount. As they explain, the CD-Slot mount “is designed with minimum 360 swivel base, and has looking feel of integration of car control panel, CD player is able to play while CD-slot mount is installed.” The Dashboard mount can even be used at home or on a table. It even works when you put it on the wall.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
Whether you want to use your smartphone for navigation on a road trip, or to call hands-free while getting your morning coffee at the drive-thru, we know the iMagBond can help you accomplish these tasks much more easily, and more importantly, safely.

iMagBond Vent Holds Your Phone on the Go
I like the system and am partial to the universal iMagBond vent mount since it works with most vents of most cars. The fact that each iMagBond part can be used separately for tripods is an added bonus. The only downside to this approach is the need to use the metal plate in order to let the magnets do their thing. If you use an iPhone 6 I strongly recommend getting the Logitech case so you can avoid the need to use the metal plate. You can learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the iMagBond Vent Mount

What I Like: Impressively secure; Universal; Easily moved from one car to another

What Needs Improvement: I don’t love the need to attach a metal plate to the phone

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