Klhip Ultimate Clipper Lets You Groom with Style

The Klhip Ultimate Clipper looks like no other nail clipper. And while nail clippers are not the most exciting accessories, proper grooming is important and being able to do so in style is rather nice. It is built tough, is the most ergonomic nail clipper ever and even comes with a fancy leather case. Here’s a closer look.

Klhip Ultimate Clipper
Here’s how the company describes the Klhip Ultimate Clipper.

The world’s first ergonomically correct nail clipper. That’s right. All this time you’ve been doing it back-to-front. Our award-winning breakthrough in design gives you increased control and leverage as you trim your nails. Precision engineered from surgical grade stainless steel and with a handmade leather case, you’ll want to show off your Klhip Ultimate Clipper almost as much as your tidy new nails. A great gift – even if it’s to yourself.

Klhip Ultimate Clipper Lets You Groom with Style
Most nail clippers have a lever that begins at the front of the clipper by the cutting blades and then moves backwards. The result is that, when clipping your nails, you are applying pressure directly over the nail you are cutting. Not so the Klhip Ultimate Clipper. It offers improved ergonomics by having a forward facing lever. The result is better control over the cutting process and a more comfortable grip. In addition, this increased leverage makes it easier to get the nail-cutting job done. Having used the Klhip Ultimate Clipper I can attest to the fact that the design really does make a difference.

Klhip Ultimate Clipper Lets You Groom with Style
In addition, the Klhip has precision-engineered blades that cut smoothly and accurately.
Klhip Ultimate Clipper Lets You Groom with Style
The result is that there’s no need for filing nails after clipping and the clippings stay in place for easier cleanup. And because the Klhip Ultimate Clipper is made from surgical stainless steel it is durable and stays sharp.

Klhip Ultimate Clipper Lets You Groom with Style
Yes, $75 is pricey for a nail clipper but this is no ordinary clipper. I got mine as a eview sample but, having now used it for a few weeks, I can’t see using any other nail clipper. Yes, the design and materials really do make that much of a difference. You can learn more and order yours here.

Source: Manufacturer review sample of the Klhip Ultimate Clipper

What I Like: Unusual design makes clipping easier and more precise; Comes with leather case; Adds some style to grooming

What Needs Improvement: Some may balk at the $75 price tag

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