Booq Announces Their Booq Saddle Bag Is Now Available!


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It’s only July and we’re already talking back to school? Didn’t classes just let out a month ago? Well that seems to be the case, so why not go ahead and be ahead of the curve this year and get your bag for class early?

Announced today and available now, famous bag maker Booq will be releasing their Boa saddle today. You want to be fashionable when you’re going to class right? Let’s be honest, everyone else will have standard backpacks, and you know how bulky those things can tend to be. So why not switch it up this year and get yourself something a bit more mature?

Booq Announces Their Booq Saddle Bag Is Now Available!

The Boa Saddle isn’t your ordinary bag either. With it’s unique utilitarian design, not only will the bag be lightweight and easy on your shoulders and your back, but the genuine leather won’t ruin over time. Booq is known for their quality products and their attention to detail, down to the accents, including things you’d think you’d never need, like Zipper balm to make sure those zippers don’t end up bending or having some type of malfunction. I know I personally have my eyes set on one. I don’t carry a lot when I’m commuting these days minus my phone and my MacBook, but the Boa Saddle has enough storage for your books, cables, and even a laptop compartment that will carry a MacBook Pro or PC up to 15.6″.

Booq Announces Their Booq Saddle Bag Is Now Available!

That’s more than enough for the typical college student, or that person who’s attempting to limit their carry-on luggage. The Boa Saddle also features a weatherproof ballistic nylon material, genuine leather handles, a luggage trolley pass-through, and a removable shoulder strap complete with custom lightweight aluminum shoulder strap buckle. Exterior storage includes one front zippered pocket, one large back pocket, and a detachable key ring.

Booq Announces Their Booq Saddle Bag Is Now Available!


“Travelers know how quickly briefs fill up with documents, chargers and other gadgets,” says Kema Subsomboon, Lead Product Designer at Booq. “We designed the Boa saddle to maintain a mid-sized profile, but arranged the interior to offer a huge amount of storage space. Best of all, this bag is ten percent lighter than its Boa brief counterpart, making on-the-go carrying even more comfortable.”

The Boa saddle is available now for $195 at and other retailers.

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