The CableArt Lantern Is a Lightning Cable for Your Key Ring

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One thing you should always have with you even when you’re not thinking about it is a charging cable for your phone. So it sucks when you’re stuck with a low battery and have to go to a gas station to get their cheap cables that probably won’t work the next day.

Luckily I had an opportunity to review Tunewear’s CableArt Lantern MFI Charging and Sync Lighting cable. I’ve always had a personal problem with seeing people pull Apple’s standard 3 foot cord in public. Especially places like bars, restaurants, and the like. With as many shorter cables that possibly do the same thing, I yearned for a shorter cord that I could possibly keep on my keyring since that’s one of the few things I always have on me.

The CableArt Lantern is a Lightning Cable For Your Key Ring

The CableArt Lantern not only attaches to my keyring, but does so in an interesting fashion I can honestly say was interesting. The shape alone obviously resembles a lantern and although the lantern portion is a bit bulky for my personal keys, if you just have a few keys it’s easily a great, and practical knickknack to have.

The CableArt Lantern is a Lightning Cable For Your Key Ring

One issue I do see with the Cableart is the fact that the cord itself is the keyring, so as a result if you do open up the cable from the loop, your keys will obviously not be attached to anything which could result in you losing your keys, and that is not a good thing.

Available in black and red, I can say that I do use the lantern when out on my outdoor runs and all I am carrying are my house key and the CableArt. It is a very nifty gift to give as a present, and I know for a fact they are a great stocking stuffer to purchase later on this year for Christmas.

The CableArt Lantern is a Lightning Cable For Your Key Ring

The CableArt works with all of the latest iDevices that require lightning cables, including the iPad Air 1&2 down to the iPod Touch 5th generation. And at $24.95 on their site, this is a great quality (non fraying) cable to attach to your purse or bag if it doesn’t work as a keyring for you.

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Unit
What I Liked: The lantern makes it so the cable doesn’t has some weight to it, which is nice, and it seems to house to lightning port from the elements.
What Needs Improvement: Maybe making the lantern part a little LESS bulky looking for those who want to be minimalistic.

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