Your Smart Home Could Be a Bit Smarter with SwannOne

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Your Smart Home Could Be a Bit Smarter with SwannOne Listen to this article

Seems like 2015 is the year of the smart home, with more and more products coming out weekly that will make sure your home is more in touch with you, even when you’re not there.

So that’s where Swann, a global leader in security monitoring announced their secure yet smart home solution that not only makes your home more automated, but allows you control it from every aspect, from temperature to security features. Introducing the SwannOne, which is Swann’s system that gives you peace of mine for little things like breaking glass, car alarms, to things like baby cries and noises in the area. The SwannOne will send you a notification via their SwannOne app for not only noise disturbances, but will let you access and regulate your homes temperature via thermostat. Also compatible with Phillip’s Hue lighting, this kit is worth ever penny.

Your Smart Home Could Be a Bit Smarter with SwannOne

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

There’s no limits to what you get with the SwannOne as the SwannOne Cloud will capture hours of data so you can access it from anywhere, no matter where you are. With no hard wiring required, and the kits retailing from $299-$699, the SwannOne is available now at Fred Meijer, Fry’s Electronics, and of course,

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