Nod Makes Messaging Your Friends More Personal Again

One thing that is certain in the App Store, is that there’s no shortage of messaging apps available. But with all of the current ones available, there’s a lack of ways to truly express your emotions, even though the standard emojis.


Well that’s where NOD comes into play. Nod is one of the best new apps in the App Store and the entire premise of it is to bring interactivity and the feeling of face-to-face communication to messaging. With texting being so interpersonal, Nod allows you to chat with emotions. You can express yourself by creating your own personal look and send animated “nods” to your friends that truly express how you feel, because you know that emoji that “looks” like poop, doesn’t really mean that you’re having a crappy day, right?

Nod Makes Messaging Your Friends More Personal Again Nod Makes Messaging Your Friends More Personal Again

Nod is perfect for those of you who identify with self-expression and want more than what your smartphone typically offers. I personally like the Cheesecake shirt, although I’d never wear it in real life. A messaging app where everyone you speak to has their own customizable avatar, you can change everything from clothes, hairstyles, accessories and more. When messaging your compadres, you can wave, give a thumbs up, laugh, you name it. Make texting less impersonal with Nod.

Nod Makes Messaging Your Friends More Personal Again

“Today’s messaging apps are impersonal and limited to text, static emoticons or stickers, and people are looking for a better way to message friends. We believe that texting and messaging should feel like a real conversation and Nod is a great way to express yourself more effectively and intimately with family and friends.”

NOD is available in the App Store today, so why not go get it?

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