The Mason Shaker Barware Set Is Ideal for the Hidden Mixologist in You

Little-known fact: one of the items on my bucket list is going to a mixology training. Yes, I’ve always wanted to be able to mix delicious drinks and do so with flair. Time is tight these days so it will have to wait. Fortunately, the Mason Shaker Barware Set from will let me up my drink game just a bit.

The Mason Shaker Barware Set Is Ideal for the Hidden Mixologist in You
I’ve had traditional shakers in the past but my bar, such that it is, is currently without one. The Mason Shaker Barware Set includes a shaker and, thankfully, it isn’t just any shaker. No, this one looks like a mason jar but seals tightly so you can shake your drink and chill it to your hearts’ delight. Then, when you are ready, you can simply pull off the top. The built-in strainer will keep bits of ice and any leafy flavorings you threw in, in place as you fill your or your guest’s glass with your latest creation.

The Mason Shaker Barware Set Is Ideal for the Hidden Mixologist in You
And speaking of “your latest creation,” the kit also includes a book with some terrific drink concoctions. The book, Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails, includes such delicious-sounding drinks as Hop, Skip, Go Naked, The Montauk Mule and The Spicy Mezcalita. The authors basic premise is that, Cocktails should be fun. Cocktails should be simple. Cocktails should be social.” Toward that end the book is nicely illustrated in ways that are not only fun but also provide step-by-step instructions for how to make the perfect drink.

The Mason Shaker Barware Set Is Ideal for the Hidden Mixologist in You
Rounding out the set is a jigger with .75 and 1.5 sides and a muddler. The muddler is key since cocktails such as the Montauk Mule require you to “muddle the ingredients (cane sugar, lime juice and mint) in the bottom of the shaker until thoroughly crushed and most of the sugar has dissolved.” Thankfully the mason shaker is thick enough to handle the muddling and the strainer will let nothing but the finished drink make its way into your glass.

The Mason Shaker Barware Set Is Ideal for the Hidden Mixologist in You
Inside the Box you’ll find:

  • W&P MUDDLER (10 IN)
  • W&P JIGGER (0.75 0Z / 1.5 OZ)

The DadsGifts website describes the kit this way:

The Mason Shaker Barware Set has everything Dad needs to host the cocktail party of the season. Elegantly packaged, this barware set will help Dad get cocktail-creative and look classy while doing so. This set includes the popular Mason Shaker, a beautifully crafted wooden muddler, and stainless steel double jigger. What’s more, is this Mason Shaker Barware Set includes a copy of the book Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails. A handsome gift, pre-packaged for class and convenience, this barware set will compliment any home bar.

There’s a full month of August arriving tomorrow. The book, which has drinks for each season, At two a week and then a few extras thrown in for good measure I should be able to make my way through all twelve before summer ends. Then I get to move on to the fall drinks. It will be tough, but in order to test the kit properly it seems to me I need to really try things out. Oh the things I do for Gear Diary…

I’m a fan of this kit and will keep you posted. In the meantime you can check out the kit and order your own here for $69.95. And while you are at it why not order one for dad? He’ll love it!

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What I Like: Quality drink gear; Great book I would not have thought to purchase on its own

What Needs Improvement: Now I need to go buy some more items so I can start “testing”

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