Munitio Pro40 Headphones are the Best Headphones I’ve Ever Used

The Munitio Pro40 is an ultra high-performance set of headphones that sports fantastic audio performance with deep bass. These rugged over-ear headphones are built to last and even come with a 2-year replacement warranty. At an MSRP of $349.00, they’re not cheap, but they perform better than any other set of headphones I’ve ever tried.

Munitio Pro40 Cover

I’ve been using the Pro40 on and off for the past few weeks, even taking them on a business trip with me, and I’ve been seriously impressed with their sound quality, portability, and comfort. I wore them for 3 hours straight on a flight with zero ear fatigue and the over-ear design helped block out the humming of the airplane in the background.

1-Munitio Pro40 Gear Diary

The Pro40s are built with high-efficiency and low distortion 40mm titanium-coated drivers. With CODA AXIS in-line swivel technology, each ear cup swivels in every direction to maximize comfort while not affecting the sound quality. The Pro40s are constructed with an aluminum alloy and high-density polymer to ensure a long life being used in any environment. Finally, the Pro40s are equipped with ultra-soft protein leather pad cushions, for long listening sessions. My only complaint in the comfort department is that the Pro40s don’t have any soft pads on the underside of the headband, instead choosing to go with a soft-ish rubber material that could potentially lead to some discomfort in extremely long listening sessions.

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The Pro40 headphones come with a rugged ballistic nylon zipper case for protection while traveling. The case includes a mesh pocket inside that can hold your cables, and any other small accessories. Speaking of cables, the Pro40s come with 2 audio cables for your choosing, a 1.3m long braided cloth covered cable with 24K gold-plated 3.5mm connections and an in-line 3-button control and microphone for use with Apple devices, and a longer and more retro looking coiled nylon cable with 3.5mm connections. It also comes with a 1.4” connection adapter for use in studio situations.

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In my listening tests, I found the Munitio Pro40 headphones to be more powerful than I needed. When I pumped up the volume, the music never distorted, even when my ears were starting to hurt from the noise. Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” sounded excellent through the Pro40s with the lows booming through and the high notes sounding crisp and clear.  The bass was well balanced as well, never drowning out any of the mids or highs.  These headphones pump out almost perfect sound to my ear.

6-Munitio Pro40 Gear Diary-005 7-Munitio Pro40 Gear Diary-006

For a company with only two headphone options right now, I’m seriously impressed with Munitio’s exceptional audio performance and would recommend these bad boys to anyone looking for great sound, as long as they have the money to spend. Although I couldn’t see myself spending almost $350 on a set of headphones normally, the current price of less than $250 on Amazon is an excellent value when considering the included accessories (cables, protective case, etc.). The combination of sound quality, included accessories, and excellent rugged construction of the Munitio Pro40 leads me to name these as the best headphones I’ve ever used.

The Munitio Pro40 headphones come in black, silver, or gold and can be purchased either directly from the manufacturer or through Amazon or other online retailers.
Source: The Munitio Pro40 was provided to me as a review sample by the manufacturer.

What I Like: Beautiful, sturdy design; Excellent sound quality; Rugged travel case; Removable cables, Very comfortable.

What Needs Improvement: The premium price may be off-putting to some.

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