The JamSpot by Bracketron Is a Great Way to Dock Your Tablet

If you are one of the few people who still use a tablet instead of an enormous smartphone, or even if you have both, you’ll know that attempting to dock them in places like your bed, on planes, or while even just sitting right there on your desk at work, there are few options that offer up with Bracketron’s JamSpot can do.

When you’re watching those movies, a lot of the times you hate having headphones in while watching them, especially with young children. And even if you just watch videos or listen to music through your tablet, it isn’t really that loud. The JamSpot is a tablet (and smartphone) stand that has speakers build direction into the stand itself.

The JamSpot by Bracketron Is a Great Way to Dock Your Tablet

This stand is marketed as a tablet stand, but I found it sufficient for any large smartphone or kindle. Through the use of a Bluetooth, each of the two speakers are on the front of the JamSpot once fully expanded. It’s got a matte black finish to the plastic frame, which is actually a good thing, as it pretty much matches everything. All of the buttons are collectively on one side of the JamSpot, such as the ON/Off button, the auxiliary cord for you to plug up the device for clearer audio, and a play/pause button. Arguably, the one important thing missing here is the fast forward and rewind buttons.

The JamSpot by Bracketron Is a Great Way to Dock Your Tablet

When the Tablet is in the JamSpot, it’s secure. It won’t slide down like it would if you tried to lay it up against a book.

The JamSpot by Bracketron Is a Great Way to Dock Your Tablet

I use the JamSpot with my iPad Retina Mini while cooking and listening to my daily podcasts. One thing I find myself missing is that the buttons were somehow near the speaker grill. Having them on the side of the JamSpot when you’re attempting to pause music is a burden.

The JamSpot by Bracketron Is a Great Way to Dock Your Tablet

Transportability is a big thing with the JamSpot as well. Since it’s collapsable you can easily snap the JamSpot up and throw it in your bag. If I were still in school I for sure would see me using this on the school bus to jam out to some tunes. Maybe showing my age a bit but I remember having two desktop speakers in my backpack playing music through a CD player. Shows how much times have truly changed, right?

The JamSpot by Bracketron Is a Great Way to Dock Your Tablet

JamSpot is fully chargeable via microUSB cable which is included in the packaging that it comes in. The packaging itself is simple as it only comes with the JamSpot, and a USB cable, so no frills here. Bracketron estimates that the JamSpot will last roughly 10 hours on charge but the most that I’ve seen with my value at a normal volume would have to be around eight hours.

Overall if you’re sick of attempting to wedge your tablet or phone in between some awkward groove in a table, or even if you want some extra volume to your movies when you’re commuting somewhere, the JamSpot is something that works for both children and adults. Although I wouldn’t annoy people on a plane by using the speaker function mid-flight, just saying.

At $80 it certainly isn’t cheap, but Bracketron is known to make good, quality products. If you’d like to order the JamSpot, you can get one from their site here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: Speakers are nice and clear sounding

What Needs Improvement: should have a rewind/fast forward button especially for people who cook while listening to music.

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