The Just Mobile TENC Self-Healing Case for the iPhone 6/6 S Plus Is Nearly Invisible Protection

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I’ve been on a kick lately where I haven’t had a case on my phone at all, but that’s not very smart — especially considering that my phone is brand new, and I need to keep it pristine for when I ultimately eBay it. Using the new Just Mobile TENC Self-Healing Case is the next best thing to being naked.

1-Just Mobile TENC Case

Simple packaging hides one of the thinnest and lightest iPhone cases I’ve ever used.

Crafted from auto-healing smart materials and perfectly tailored to the iPhone’s curved edges, the TENC™ will keep your precious phone protected and pristine – offering incredible durability without ever compromising the beauty of your beloved phone.

The beauty of this case isn’t just that it’s thin, light, and that it allows the color of your iPhone to show; the TENC is also composed of materials that resist showing scratches. In fact, if your case does get scratched, it is composed of materials that will basically heal themselves to hide the scratch.

Here are pics before the TENC went on my iPhone, because I think it allows you to really see the case and what it does and doesn’t cover.

And here is the TENC on my phone; you can see that the edges around the screen wrap up and over just a bit, so not only do you get a bit of face-down protection, you also don’t have to ever worry that the case might not be secure; if it’s on there, it is on there.

10-The Just Mobile TENC Self-HealingCase for the iPhone 6:6 S Plus Is Nearly Invisible Protection

With the TENC installed, have easy access to all ports, buttons, switches; the top two corners are completely covered, and the bottom two corners are covered to the curve. I’d like it if the bottom corners had come just a little bit further down, but there still seems to be good back and corner coverage.

When your iPhone is in this case, it almost feels like it’s in no case at all; since the iPhone 6S Plus is already one of the larger devices out there, this is a very good thing.

14-The Just Mobile TENC Self-HealingCase for the iPhone 6:6 S Plus Is Nearly Invisible Protection-004


If you don’t like keeping your phone in a case, but you know that’s not a smart move, you should check out the Just Mobile TENC. In conjunction with their AutoHeal screen protector, it’s the next best thing to being naked.

The Just Mobile TENC Self-Healing Case for the iPhone 6/6 Plus retails for $29.95, and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Clear, thin, light protection; Composed of self-healing materials to resist all but the deepest gouges or scratches

What Needs Improvement: I’d like it if the bottom corners came down just a little bit further

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