If You’re Feeling Nostalgic, Casio Has an (Expensive) Watch for You!

We were in Macy’s over the weekend, and my son was excited at checking out the watches (aka “clocks” in toddler-speak), when I saw a display that made me do a double-take. Apparently Casio is tapping into the general nostalgia wave that’s brought back flannel, vinyl records, and JNCO jeans with their new Retro line…unfortunately, the price isn’t retro too!

If You're Feeling Nostalgic, Casio Has an (Expensive) Watch for You!

When we saw them on Saturday, Macy’s was selling the Retros for full price, at $79.99, though they seem to have gone on sale for $39.99. Sadly, it appears Casio is not including calculator watches in this line, but if you know someone who’s really into the old school digital watch look, this is an easy holiday gift. It comes in a bling-tastic gold color, along with a slightly more muted black and (strangely) a camo design as well. There’s two ways to see these; they’re both the spiritual forefathers of smartwatches and other “look at this cool thing my watch can do” devices, and yet if you wear them today it’s almost like wearing the anti-smartwatch.

(As an aside, and a bit of a dark shadow over this, Wikipedia says the old Casio F-91W digital watches are now linked to terrorism as timing devices. Probably not a fun fact you want to add while showing off your new retro Casio, but if you win a trivia night because of this, you’re welcome.)

Pair it with a pair of Doc Martens and a flannel shirt, and you’ll be both retro and stylish all at once!

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