Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

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Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset Listen to this article

The Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset is the lightest headset Jabra has ever produced. Yet this light, attractive headset packs in a premium music-grade speaker and comes with a special holder that lets the headset charge in your pocket. At $129 the headset isn’t cheap but for the money you get a light, stylish headset that sounds great.

Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

The most important thing if you are going to use a Bluetooth headset is the sound it produces. If a headset sounds like you are speaking on a headset it isn’t something you will want to use and it certainly isn’t worth the investment. The good news is that Jabra took its years of experience and packed it into a headset that sounds great on both sides of the conversation.

Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

“Jabra Eclipse gives you the freedom to feel like you can be in two places at once. With a sleek elegant design and a sound so real it’s like you were there yourself, you’ll never have to miss a conversation again. It’s time to experience real sound by design.”

The key to the sound the headset offers is the “music-grade speaker” Jabra built into the unit. That means the headset is good for calls but equally good for listening to audiobooks. And while the headset itself only gets three hours of talk time per charge, the holder it ships with doubles as a battery and provides seven more hours of talk time. That means you can get up to ten hours of talk time before needing to actually charge the headset and battery. It is, in a very real way, the descendant of the Jabra Stone. Like the Eclipse, the Jabra Stone shipped with a charging cradle that also kept the headset safe when it isn’t being used. The Stone was a good headset. This one is better.

Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

In the box you will find the Jabra Eclipse, the charging dock/cradle, 3 sets of extra earless, and a USB charging cable.

“There is nothing in the rules that says you can’t live for success and be stylish while doing so. Jabra Eclipse is our lightest ever headset. A powerhouse of technology, wrapped inside an elegant and sleek body, giving you ultimate comfort.”

Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

It won’t come as a surprise but the Eclipse also works with Google Now/Siri. That means you can do a great deal through the headset without actually having to have the phone in your hand.


  • Headset Weight 5.5 g (0.19 oz)
  • Charging case Weight: 35 g (1.23 oz)
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Talk range: up to 30 m (98 feet)??Talk Time: Up to 10 hours*
  • Standby Time: Up to 3 days
  • Supports NFC
  • Supports Auto Pairing
  • Spoken prompts will guide you (pairing, connection & battery status)??Works with any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Free App included

The free app is also a nice extra. It gives you control over some of the device’s settings and has some additional features. Is it a reason to buy the headset? No, but it is a nice extra.

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Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

The sleek, elegant design of the Eclipse is great but this headset won’t be for everyone. Yes, if you are someone who likes a boom-style headset that brings the microphone close to your mouth this headset isn’t for you. And if you want a headset with lots of tactile buttons this headset isn’t for you. And if you do a lot of moving around this headset- which doesn’t have an over-the-ear clip- isn’t for you.

Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

And if you like to wear your headset in your left ear the way I do this headset may not be for you. That’s right, while the headset CAN be worn in either ear it is more inclined for those who wear their headset in their right ear.

Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

Those caveats aside, this headset is an excellent sounding headset that is comfortable to wear!

Speak in Style With the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset

If yo are looking for a headset that looks great and works well this should be on your short list. You can learn more here.
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Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Headset

What I Like: Stylish; Excellent audio quality; Charger makes for a total of ten hours of use per charge; Works with Google Now and Siri; Unobtrusive; Comfortable.

What Needs Improvement: Designed for the right ear; No boom to bring the microphone close to your mouth; One anchor point only and that is the fit to your ear; No tactile buttons.

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