Make More Secure Online Transactions with the QKey

Announced today at CES, uControl, Inc. is finally unveiling the QKey, which is the first chip and PIN device for securing online payments using the same security chip you might’ve seen in the credit and debit cards that you use today.

With technology pending a patent, the QKey will be a great substitute to the chip and pen payment card, virtually eliminating the need to remember those difficult passwords that you probably have stashed in a notepad somewhere.

“Virtual security has proven that without physical involvement by the consumer we just cannot be protected the way we need or deserve. uQontrol sees a world without passwords and a world where online payments look more like in-store payments,” said Christopher Maus, CEO of uQontrol.

This is an ideal piece of technology and a GREAT start of what’s to come at CES. More importantly, you can store your favorite passwords, shipping information, and various forms of data, so you won’t ever have to worry about someone looking over your shoulder as you type in your password. Never again have to worry about re-typing in your information for those Amazon purchases or other online transactions. Also coming with the QKey “smart wallet”, users of the QKey will have all of their payment and loyalty cards sitting securely in their pocket, whenever you need it. Currently in beta, the QKey will be available in the second quarter of 2016.

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