Mio Global Announces a Revolutionary Metric System to Help Your Lifestyle

There are plenty of heart rate monitors out there on the market that are pretty half-baked when it comes to actual functionality, and only a true handful of them are highly accurate on a consistent basis. That’s what Mio Global is attempting to change with their revolutionary new fitness metric system!

Mio Global Announces a Revolutionary Metric System to Help Your Lifestyle

Simply named the PAI (Personalized Activity Intelligence), the new metric with accompanying app will mesh well with the new Mio Life fitness bands which all offer up a new approach to daily activity tracking. When you think of the term after using this, you’ll know your personalized activity intelligence is actually a score that measures your body’s response to daily physical activity, which in turn gives a metric based on your heart rate intensity according to your personal health. This is far more detailed than those “10,000 steps a day” methods you see out of your average competitors.

Using the PAI, the goal is to achieve and maintain a score of 100, which emphasizes the need for personal health experience and metric. This actually works better than just calculating steps and other useless data that does not translate to your body’s natural responses, especially in terms of heart rates.

Ulrik Wisloff, a Professor at Faculty of Medicine Norwegian University of Science and Technology states:

“The most relevant index for measuring if you are physically active enough is PAI, from a health perspective that’s all that really matters. Managing your PAI score helps you reduce your risk of lifestyle related diseases. Simply, it may help you live longer.”

That’s just one great reason why you should have one of these Life wristbands in your possession, and being featured here at CES, it’s one of the first devices that will feature PAI scores in addition to all-day heart rate monitoring.

The Mio SLICE bands will be available later in 2016, and Mio Global’s current line of wearables will also work with the PAI app. If you’d like more information, please check out MioGlobal today!

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