Under Armour and HTC Will Whip You into Shape with Under Armour Healthbox!

Under Armour has been slowly building a fitness empire. They absorbed the MapMyRun suite of apps, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal, but software was only phase one. Now they’ve made the leap from software to hardware, debuting a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, connected scale and more, all bundled and sold as “Under Armour Healthbox“, and designed through a partnership with HTC.

The UA Band looks suspiciously similar to the HTC Grip tracker that was announced but never released, but with a slightly different feature set. There’s no GPS on board, but it tracks steps, sleep, prompts you to move, picks up basic phone notifications, and has a silent alarm. Plus it syncs with UA Record, which in turn works with MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, etc., so your fitness and health logs should seamlessly integrate.

Digital scales that just weigh you are so 2015. These days it seems like everyone has a companion scale, and UA Scale can track your weight and body fat, and wirelessly sync it all to UA Record. Best of all, it can track up to 8 users, so your whole household can share the scale and maintain personalized results!

It’s key to know how hard you’re pushing when you work out, so UA Heart Rate is a heart rate monitor designed to pair with the UA Band and the various UA apps. When you’re wearing it, you can see your heart rate on your UA Band, so you’ll know what’s going on during the workout without having to stop and check your phone!

Under Armour Healthbox will cost $400 for the whole kit, which includes the scale, band, and heart rate monitor. Preliminary reports indicate the band and scale will be $180 each, and the heart rate monitor will be $80, so you’re saving $40 by buying the whole kit together.

If you’re a user of any of Under Armour’s software, the Under Armour Healthbox may be just what you need to kickstart your fitness this year!

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