Keyport Launching Slide 3.0 and Keyport Pivot to Further Tame Your Keyring

Do you have so many keys you can’t keep track of them all? Can your family hear you approaching from down the street by the jingle of your keyring? Could you slim down your keys but you just can’t part with your flashlight, pocketknife, and that mystery key you found in a drawer? Enter the Keyport Slide 3.0 and Keyport Pivot!


Keyport has been making compacted keyrings for a few years, and the 3.0 is a further refining of their product. Instead of carrying traditional keys, Keyport copies your keys into “blades” and fits them into a compact package that lets you slide out each key as you need it. Kind of like a Swiss Army Knife, but with keys. But now, with the Keyport 3.0, in addition to being slim and light, you can also add in all sorts of fun new add-ons, like a flashlight, a pocketknife, a bluetooth locator (partnering with TrackR), and even a universal remote and phone charger. No, this isn’t a joke, you can actually buy a key organizing system that will also charge your phone and prevent you from running around the house threatening whoever hid the remote. The only thing it doesn’t do is track your steps, which actually might make the Keyport the only product at CES that hasn’t jumped on the fitness tracking bandwagon. It will be made of aircraft-grade aluminum and will cost between $25-$49 depending on what you add to it, how many keys you have, etc.

Keyport Pivot is going to be a simpler product, where you can add in your existing keys instead of using the proprietary blades. It’s slightly cheaper, but it still rocks the same aircraft-grade aluminum as it’s big brother, and will likewise be compatible with many of the tech add-ons like knives and universal remotes. Of course, the other tradeoff is that it won’t be as compact as the Slide 3.0, but the expected cost range is lower, at $20-$25 depending on accessories.

Both products are being launched via Kickstarter, and you can check out Keyport’s site for more information!

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