Koala Mount for Tablets Keeps Your Tablet Hanging Around

Koala Mount for Tablets

If you use a tablet and love having it handy and accessible the idea of being able to quickly and easily mount it on the wall may be attractive. The Koala Mount for tablets is designed to let you do just that in an easy, inexpensive way that won’t damage any surface. The Koala Mount is, as my contractor father-in-law calls it, a “handyman special”. In other words, the Koala Mount is easy enough to install that… even I could do it. In fact… I did.

The Koala Mount for tablets is a simple product. It features

Simple setup using 3M Command™ Strips

Requires no extra attachments to your tablet

Won’t damage your walls, even when removed

No screws or holes required

Snug fit yet easy docking and undocking with one hand

Compatible with several popular tablets and an iPad with a SmartCover in place

Convenient hidden cord clip

Replacement adhesives available globally at local retailers

Koala Mount for Tablets

Thanks in part to its relatively simple design, the list of tablets with which the Koala Mount is compatible is impressive. It includes all generations of the iPad, the iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Samsung Note Tablets, and many more.

Koala Mount for Tablets

Each Koala Mount includes 2 Koala brackets, 2 Standard Command strips (the adhesive strips), a surface prep pad and instructions on how to install the Koala Mount. As you can see from the video, to install the Koala Mount you simple put the strips on each bracket, prep the surface and then stick the brackets to the wall; it is as simple as that. And while the Koala Mounts certainly aren’t fancy, they do the job quite well.

Koala Mount for Tablets

They even offer a simple way to secure the power cord in place so you don’t need to go hunting around for it.

Koala Mount for Tablets

Available in black, white or silver plastic, the Koala Mounts come in enough color variations to let them fit into most situations.

Koala Mount for Tablets

Honestly my biggest issue with the Koala Mount for tablets isn’t the Koala Mounts themselves, as much as it is the way the mounts look when a tablet is not inside. In such situations, the Koala Mount looks pretty much like you stuck two pieces of plastic on the way… which is exactly what you did.

Koala Mount for Tablets

The Koala Mount is a simple product that does exactly what it promises. It allows you to turn pretty much any surface into a tablet-sporting surface in a matter of seconds. Made from plastic, each Koala Mount comes with two adhesive strips. While I do wish an extra set came in each package, I appreciate the fact that extra strips are available. I don’t love the way the Koala Mount looks when there is no tablet inside, I do appreciate this simple and effective tablet wall mount. And with them selling for less than $15 on Amazon, they are even a good deal. Learn more here on the product page. Order from Amazon for under $15.

MSRP: $29.99, $19.99 on the product page

What I Like: Simple to install; Does what it promises

What Needs Improvement: No extra adhesive strips; Looks rather cheap when not in use

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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