Grill Indoors This Winter with the Kenyon Revolution!

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Grill Indoors This Winter with the Kenyon Revolution! Listen to this article

When the summer faded away last year, I wondered to myself how I would go without my grilled veggies and meats now that I could no longer grill outdoors. I’ve tried many options in the past, from George Foreman Grills, to even stovetop grill pans for $20 on Groupon that honestly do not work. So when Kenyon sent over their Revolution Grill, I knew that I had a product that would make the neighbors in my building jealous now that the outdoor grill has been shut up for the winter.

Grill Indoors This Winter with the Kenyon Revolution!

Let’s start by saying this: The Kenyon Revolution Grill gets it right. If you’ve ever browsed Amazon for an indoor home grill, you’ve probably read the reviews, and like me a few things scared you away from checking it out:

  1. The grill pan itself was hard to clean.
  2. Food did not drop into a easy to clean pan, and fat was not able to be easily disposed of.
  3. Lack of “dishwasher safe” options.
  4. Most were open range, which did not cook meat all the way through, or worse, charred your meals.

Grill Indoors This Winter with the Kenyon Revolution!

With the Kenyon Revolution, you’ll actually enjoy grilling indoors, and not sacrifice having charred steaks, or worse, undercooked meals. The Kenyon is THE single burner electric grill that you need in your house. Now I will warn you that the grill itself is actually pretty large in size. Weighing in at around 25 pounds, it’s certainly a task to pull out from underneath the cabinet, so I’ve adjusted to leaving it out, beside the fridge. Also the lid has an oval lid which I did have a bit of a problem with when it came to cabinet space. If you have lower hanging cabinets, I will suggest you to actually cook with the Revolution on an island since you have to physically lift the door up in order to check the food.

Grill Indoors This Winter with the Kenyon Revolution!

The Kenyon Revolution itself only takes about seven minutes to preheat on its highest setting. Now I wouldn’t suggest this with seafood, so when I made things like shrimp and other seafood, I found myself actually just preheating on the medium setting, which took me about 12 minutes to heat accurately.

Grill Indoors This Winter with the Kenyon Revolution!

My mother actually suggested greasing the grate grill prior in order to make sure that foods all cook with a bit more flavor, but the grate itself is non-stick and I opted to not do this for one main reason. Previously I used a Hamilton Beach indoor grill which I greased, and after 6-7 uses, using individual meats and vegetables, the pan itself actually just looked a bit dated. Completely not the case with the Kenyon Revolution.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Grill Indoors This Winter with the Kenyon Revolution!

One issue I did find though is the post-cook cleanup of the Revolution. Now when you first setup to cook your meals, they tell you to infuse your meats by adding water to the drop tray underneath the grill and heating source itself. While a great idea if you’re a fan of infusing and want to add a bit of lemon and or just some herbs and spices to the mix, the actual cleanup method if you’re not careful could be messy. The drip tray itself is not something you slide into the Kenyon Resolution, but rather lift up the grill grate, which is a bit of an oversight.

Imagine if you finish cooking, let the Revolution cool down a bit before using then have to remove the water in the tray. Sounds feasible, right? Well if you’re going to attempt to put the items in the dishwasher post-use you might end up burning yourself because the two holes on opposite ends of the grill will still be moderately hot to the touch. Best case scenario: wait 15 minutes before you attempt to lift the grill pan in order to clean. Maybe in the next rendition of the Revolution they will use the extra space on the side to actually make the disposable drip trays insert from the side, that way you won’t have water accidentally fall into the machine as you attempt to take it out of the grill itself.

Grill Indoors This Winter with the Kenyon Revolution!

Despite this slight oversight, the grill cooks to perfection. I received the 120V model which is approved to be used indoors as well as out, and will cook at levels exceeding 500 degrees which will easily cook your porterhouse all the way through. The Kenyon will certainly come in handy this summer when I’m too lazy to run outside to heat up the grill, and even better, now I don’t have to find a reason to use a grill brush on the public grill after 5-10 other people have made their jerk chicken and left the grill a mess.

Then immediately after, simply throw it in the dishwasher with your silverware and plates, and it’ll clean thoroughly. May I suggest actually laying the grill FLAT or possibly sitting it all the way in the back of your dishwasher that way it cleans all of the residue, including the spices from in between the grates. I personally LOVE my Kenyon Revolution, and regardless of the weight and size, it’s certainly a household item that’s tougher than a boxer (in more ways than one), and your food will not be compromised and dried out like most “indoor grills” do  to foods.

If you’d like more information about the Kenyon Revolution Grill, you should check out Kenyon’s site today!

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