Phaz Prepares Their Headphones for Apple’s Rumored Axing of the Headphone Jack

Last week at CES I had the opportunity to test out a pair of headphones that are truly ahead of the curve when it comes to audio. With Apple likely to remove the headphone jack from their devices, Phaz Music announced the industry’s first-ever universal headphones in the Phaz Music P5 Headphones.

Phaz Prepares Their Headphones For Apple's Rumored Axing Of The Headphone Jack

The Phaz P5 Digital Headphones will be the first versions available on the market, but they are truly innovative as they will be the first on the market to pull digital audio content directly from the MicroUSB/iOS Lightning cable on your smartphone. Essentially, the Phaz headphones will simply plug into your phone’s charge port and not only allow you to listen to your tunes, but the P5 headphones are so fast forward that you can actually CHARGE your phone while you listen to music. For those who are wondering, the headphones don’t always have to be attached to your phone as they come coupled with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 40 mm drivers, and a sleek carbon fiber design. If you’re looking forward to a pair of these, they will set you back $450 and will be available in August.

Phaz Prepares Their Headphones For Apple's Rumored Axing Of The Headphone Jack

I personally am a fan of headphones over earbuds, however, Phaz knows their consumers and also introduced the Phaz Z1 Digital Earbuds, which feature a similar carbon filter design, with 9mm drivers and an included MicroUSB to iOS lightning connector adapter for plugging into your headphones. Available for $129.99, these will also be available with the Phaz P5 headphones later this fall.

For more information, head over to Phaz today!

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