TripIt and LoungeBuddy Pair Up for Even Smoother Travel

In case you haven’t gathered from the many times Dan and I have mentioned it, neither of us will travel without the TripIt app, specifically TripIt Pro. Now TripIt has partnered with LoungeBuddy to bring even more value to their membership.


Because of this new partnership with LoungeBuddy, all TripIt will users information “on more than 2,500 airport lounges and the ability to instantly book a pass at over 100 airport lounges worldwide—all right from the TripIt app. TripIt Pro members [$49/year] will also receive a [one time $25] credit to use towards booking a lounge pass on LoungeBuddy.”

Airport lounge rules are complicated, and the amenities, costs and benefits can vary widely from lounge to lounge. No one has the time or energy to look through it all when they are at the airport and looking for a place to rest and relax,” said Jen Moyse, head of product at TripIt from Concur. “Our new partnership with LoungeBuddy makes it easy to sort through it all and find what you need, when you need it—right within TripIt.

If you are traveling within the next 14 days and your trip is logged into the TripIt app, all of the lounges that are available at the airports you’ll connect with will be shown. “Users will see the lounge name, location and operating hours, along with an overview of the lounge that includes the amenities offered, photos of the lounge and reviews from fellow travelers.”

When travelers book a lounge pass through LoungeBuddy they can forward the reservation, just like any other travel plan, to [email protected] to have it added to their TripIt account. Then, when they arrive at the airport they can easily pull up their lounge pass information right from the TripIt app.

You can check out airport lounge information on the iOS or Android TripIt apps. “TripIt Pro members can redeem their $25 lounge credit via the TripIt iOS and Android apps, or at”

With TripIt, you can email your travel and lodging information to [email protected] (you register your email, so it associates your forwards with your account), and everything is laid out and ready to get you to the next place you need to be. I love that TripIt Pro alerts me to gate changes even before the airlines announce them, and getting a text about the next gate location I need to be at for the next leg of my journey is invaluable. TripIt Pro has a seat tracker, so that I know which seats on my plane have amenities — like a power port on older planes, it gives me check-in reminders, and it has even alerted me to fare changes in the past that allowed me to get a flight refund and book a less expensive trip (minus change fees). If you travel without TripIt (especially TripIt Pro), you’re missing out. With the addition of LoungeBuddy, TripIt is now even better.

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