The Go Puck Battery Pack Charged My iPhone During CES

While in Las Vegas for CES, traveling from booth to booth, there was one thing I went without quite often: Battery Life. Luckily I was able to stumble upon the Go Puck Booth who supplied me with a stylish, wearable power solution in their Go Puck 5x; it not only kept me going but actually looked quite nice on my badge as well.

The Go Puck Battery Pack Charged My iPhone During CES

The battery pack itself sported a total of 6600mAh, which was enough for me to get a full charge from 15% which I certainly needed in the later portion of the day. The Go Puck actually comes bundled with an active Mount that you could attach to things like your backpack, your bike, or just in your pocket if you prefer. What’s more, the Go Puck actually comes with not one, but two dual USB outputs which I actually used on Thursday of CES week to charge my Apple Watch, as well as my iPhone 6 Plus a little bit prior to my interviews.

The Go Puck Battery Pack Charged My iPhone During CES

Go Pucks are all super lightweight and come with e-shock and vibration resistant design, on top of a 40′ micro-USB Active Cable (which I did not receive but I hear are pretty nice). Overall, the Go Puck did as promised, keeping my battery charged just when I needed it and will do the same for you, especially if you live an active lifestyle!

For more information about the Go Puck, you can visit their site today!

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