Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds: Wireless Buds That Work Out

If you like to listen to music while working out, but you don’t like to be wired to your mobile device, then you should invest in a pair of wireless fitness-focused earbuds. But which ones? We’ve covered more than a few on Gear Diary, and the latest under our lens are the Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds.

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No matter what you’re doing, the JAM Transit Micro Sport Buds are designed to stay in place comfortably. (Seriously, go ahead and do a backflip.) Multiple accessories allow you to create a custom fit, while the reflective strap enhances safety. They’re also sweat resistant, making them perfect for even the toughest workouts. Packaged in a matching, BPA-free water bottle

Speaking about that packaging, I’ve got to say that I liked finding a BPA-free water bottle as the main component of the box. Less to throw away, and something you can use or give to a friend if you are already overrun with water bottles.

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The Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds are available in red, green, or the blue I was sent. The two Bluetooth buds are connected with a flat, reflective wire. It takes about an hour to charge them to full capacity (which provides up to 10 hours of music replay), and they are made to be water-resistant so that you can wear them without worrying during extra-sweaty workouts.

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One of the things that pleasantly surprised me about the Transit Micro Sport Buds were the amount of accessories in the kit. If you like earhooks on your buds, they are included. There are three different sizes of ear tips that are either smooth or ridged (for a better grip inside your ear), as well as an assortment of fins to get a good grip on your inner ear. One way or another, you’ll be able to create a comfortable and secure hold with these buds. There’s also a little black pouch to keep the wireless buds in when they aren’t being worn.

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Even though it’s not something you’re likely to really pay much attention to, the Jam buds have an attractive carbon fiber look on their bodies.

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The right bud has controls built into its wire for pairing, play/pause, and navigating back and forward through tracks.
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Charging is done my swinging out the plug that covers the right side of the left bud. While charging, a red light will glow; it goes out once the battery is full. The buds are paired by pressing and holding the play/pause button for three seconds to power them on; if you haven’t paired them yet, you’ll see the option pop up in your phone’s BT settings (when the light under the right earbud flashes red and blue).

Some things worth noting about the Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds include that the left side of the left bud has a mute button on it so that you can hear things that are going on around you while still listening to music. It’s easy to hit the button when the buds are in your ears, and it’s pretty effective, although you’ll still experience some sound muffling because you’ve got something stuck in your ear.

Sound through the Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds is really good; it’s clear and not too bass heavy, but the buds still provide a decent amount of thump. It wouldn’t be fair to compare them to a pair of headphones that you’d wear while seated in your home or riding a bus or subway, but I thought that they provided great sound for what they were meant to do — wireless streaming of music while being active. On top of that, once they were properly seated in my ears they didn’t move. I don’t do flips or play basketball while wearing them, but they work well for jogging and walking, the two main physical activities I participate in.

When you aren’t wearing the buds, you can keep them around your neck, and the two buds’ backs will magnetically stick to each other to keep you from losing them. Clever!

If you want to listen to music while you work out, but you don’t want a wire connecting you to your phone or watch, the Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds are a great solution. With all of the included accessories, you are almost guaranteed to find a comfortable and secure fit.

Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds are available in green, blue, or red; they retail for $79.99, and are available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers like Amazon [affiliate link].

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What I Like: Light wireless in-ear sport headphones that are comfortable and secure; Plenty of accessories included to ensure a proper fit; Buds stick together magnetically when worn around the neck (less chance of dropping or losing them); Mute button allows you to not entirely block surrounding noise (safer when jogging or walking on streets); BPA-free water bottle included as main componant of packaging

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, they work as advertised

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