Incipio [Performance] Series Level 4 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

We’ve looked at the Incipio Performance Series Levels 1, 2, and 3 cases. We looked at the Level 3 Folio too. Now its time to look at the big boys in the new Incipio lineup. The first heavy-duty protection case worthy of mention is the Incipio [Performance] Series Level 4 Dual Layered Drop Protection for iPhone 6S, at $44.99.

This case takes iPhone protection to an entirely new level. As the company explains:

Offering premium protection for iPhone 6/6s, the [Performance] Series Level 4 Case is composed of quad-layer defense technology. The dual infused scratch-resistant outer shell is tough against harmful drops and dents, while the interior impact ridge delivers military grade shock absorption. With an included holster for convenient carrying, the [Performance] Series Level 4 case delivers outstanding drop protection while maintaining a sleek profile.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 4 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

The back of the case follows the design cues of the entire Performance Series line. The Incipio name is toward bottom and a ridge runs around the perimeter of the case. There is a plentiful opening for the microphone, microphone, and flash with a black ring around the opening so the flash doesn’t bounce off the white case.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 4 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

The lay-on-the-table protection is pronounced but doesn’t reduce the ease-of-access you want when using an iPhone.

Incipio [Performance] Series Level 4 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

The buttons are covered but clearly marked. They work as expected with little-to-no loss of responsiveness. The impact ridge on the Level 4 case is filled with a different material. This adds interest but also functions to raise the level of drop protection provided by the case.Incipio [Performance] Series Level 4 Dual Layered Drop Protection For iPhone 6/6S

And the bottom continues the level of protection by only opening in the exact spots where it needs to be open. It is worth noting that the Lightning connector opening is small enough that larger cables and accessories won’t work. This isn’t a reason to not get the case but is something worthy of note if you are considering a purchase. Also worth noting is that the side protection extends to the corners of the case as well.

Here’s our video review:

The amazing thing about the Level 4 case is that while it adds more protection than the Level 1, 2, and 3 cases, it still isn’t overly bulky and doesn’t add too much weight to the iPhone. If you tend to drop your phone this, or the Level 5 case we will look at in the final review of this series, is something you will want to pick up.

Get yours for under $40. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Serious protection without adding too much weight or bulk

What Needs Improvement: No screen protector; No supplied screen film; Not all Cables and accessories will work with it


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