Unhappenings Is a Trippy, Creative Take on Time Travel!


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Unhappenings Is a Trippy, Creative Take on Time Travel! Listen to this article

I am a big fan of time travel stories. Earlier this month, I saw a cool looking time travel book called Unhappenings by Edward Aubry was free on Amazon Kindle, and it was one of the best and most creative time travel tales I’ve ever read!


Here’s a section of the description from Amazon:

When Nigel Walden is fourteen, the UNHAPPENINGS begin. His first girlfriend disappears the day after their first kiss with no indication she ever existed. This retroactive change is the first of many only he seems to notice.

Several years later, when Nigel is visited by two people from his future, he hopes they can explain why the past keeps rewriting itself around him. But the enigmatic young guide shares very little, and the haggard, incoherent, elderly version of himself is even less reliable. His search for answers takes him fifty-two years forward in time, where he finds himself stranded and alone.

I took out the rest of the description because you really need to read the book to get the full impact. It starts with one mystery: why does Nigel notice things happening that no one else does? But then it quickly and abruptly pivots into the much larger ripples of time travel impacts, and how they all relate back to Nigel, his life, and his choices. I was guessing right up to the epilogue how the entire story would end, and it does a great job of leaving you with a big gordian knot of time travel implications to consider. This isn’t the simplistic time travel of Back to the Future, and it’s not the circular, nihilistic time travel of All You Zombies by Robert Heinlein…it’s a whole new take on boy meets girl meets time travel meets paradoxes and consequences.

At only $4.99 for the Kindle edition, or free on Kindle Unlimited, it’s a cheap but highly creative and entertaining read!

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