Get Ready for Simpiz, the World’s Fastest Recharging Portable Battery

Today Simpiz has unveiled their battery, which they say is “the fastest recharging portable battery in the world.” This 9,000mAh power bank is supposed to recharge in 18 minutes “via a custom-designed DUBI 1.0 chip that allows four channels of electricity flow for unparalleled recharging speeds.”


In fact, Simpiz says that “after recharging in as little as 3 minutes, their battery has enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 6S.”

“For consumers who are always running out of smart phone battery life, the Simpiz is a game changer,” said Simpiz CEO Jacky Fan. “Consumers no longer have to wait hours for their portable batteries to recharge. The iTron conveniently recharges in the same amount of time it takes to get a Caffè Latte at Starbucks.”

This sounds too good to be true, right? But what if it’s not? The Simpiz will come with a charging hub and dock, which will allow you to recharge “from the Simpiz while simultaneously using the dock as a charging hub for up to three devices.”

The Simpiz will have two 5V/2 A USB ports and one Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC) 2.0 port “that ensures the fastest possible charge for compatible devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, Google Nexus 6, Sony Xperia Z4, LG G4, HTC One M9, and many more compatible smart phones, phablets and tablets. Using the QC 2.0 port, the iTron automatically determines the best charging speeds for any mobile device.”

The Simpiz is going to debut on Indiegogo March 1st for $89; if you’d like to buy yours for $50 (44% off), you can purchase one of the 200 codes that Simpiz is selling for $15 each. When you purchase the Simpiz from Indiegogo within the first 3 days that their campaign is open, you’ll enter the code and pay an additional $35 at that time, saving you $39 off the regular Indiegogo price — not too shabby! You can read more about the Simpiz here, and we’ll have a review sample shortly, so stay tuned for our impressions of what could be a ground-breaking backup battery!

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