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I have previously reviewed the Monster Diamond Tears on-ear headphones, but this time, I am reviewing them through the online store Apollo Box. Although these fashion headphones aren’t my style, they are comfortable, sound great, and make a statement.

If you like flashy, diamond-shaped headphones with small crystals embedded strategically, you will love them. Thanks to Apollo Box, they are under $190.


Apollo Box’s price for the headphones is just $189.99. That’s a full $60 less than the Rose Gold version is currently selling for on Amazon, so you’ll get a great price on these statement-piece headphones.


Here’s what Monster has to say about them:

The thrill of diamonds. The emotion of your music. Nothing is more desired than diamonds: the clarity, the perfection. And no headphone in the world marries haute couture and audio performance like Diamond Tears by Monster. They are the high-definition on-ear headphones that let you hear your favorite songs just as the artist created them in the studio. Clear. Involving. Edgy.

Inside the box, you will find the headphones, an Apple ControlTalk cable, a Control Talk Universal cable, a straight 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, a Monster Cleaning Cloth and fluid, and a Touring Case that looks like an oversized jewelry pouch.


Let’s start with the cables. I love that the company includes three different cables. Each has a low-profile, right-angle connector that goes into the audio source.

Each cord is 3.5mm to 3.5mm (I love that!), and each has a “no-hassle, tangle-free cable” that lets you move freely about without the need to deal with a tangled mess of cords. The two cables with Monster’s ControlTalk let you control your music, make and receive calls, and, of course, have their own bling in the form of a Rose Gold color and an embedded crystal.

ControlTalk for any Smartphone or Tablet: Every Diamond Tears Edge comes with three cables: a ControlTalk cable for controlling music and phone calls from iPad, iPhone and iPod, a ControlTalk Universal cable for controlling Androids, tablets and other devices, and a straight mini-to-mini cable for airplane listening. Fully compatible with Skype.


These truly are fashion headphones, and they were designed as such from the ground up.

The Diamond Tears high-definition headphone was created much like an object of high fashion — designed with unfettered imagination and only the finest materials.

At the same time, Monster also wanted these headphones to sound good, and they do!

When you’re hearing Diamond Tears you’re hearing your music the way you’ve never heard before: through proprietary driver technology and the cut-no-corners materials required for high-performance audio. It was the only way to deliver the ultra-accurate response that Diamond Tears promises.

The power of great beauty: Diamond Tears uses no amplification or noise cancellation circuitry that adds other frequencies and colors the sound, so you hear the music, potent and uncompromised. Thunderous, riveting bass. Thrillingly precise mids. Dazzling highs. Imagine the clearest, most compelling music system you’ve ever heard. Now imagine wearing it.


The foam ear cups are thick and dense, keeping noise out and music in. They work well, and despite the fact that they do not have active noise cancellation, upon putting these headphones on, you are immediately isolated from the world around you. Oh, and they are also comfortable.

Check out our original review here.

So, while the Diamond Tears headphones still aren’t a fit for my style and taste, I do appreciate what Monster has done here. More than that, I appreciate the fact that the company worked hard to ensure that these headphones not only make a statement but also offer good sound.


Combine that with the three cables, the MusicShare feature, and the fact that they fold up into a fairly small package, and you’ll see why these are headphones deserving of the $249 price tag on Amazon. The real story here, however, is the fact that Apollo Box offers them at a significant discount.

I wasn’t familiar with Apollo Box prior to them offering us the chance to do this sponsored post, but in working on this, I have spent some time on the Apollo Box website and… I’m impressed. You will be too. Check them out here.

What I Like: Fashionable; Sound good; Fold up nicely

What Needs Improvement: Definitely not for all tastes and styles

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample


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