The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower: A Smarter Fan for Allergy Sufferers?

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The Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower: A Smarter Fan for Allergy Sufferers? Listen to this article

I have a smart scale, a sleep system, and a temperature monitoring system in my home that can each tell me about the air quality in the rooms in which they are installed. But until I was sent the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower, I didn’t have an appliance that could tell me about air quality and then do something to fix it when needed.

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Touted as being able to “Remove 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns”, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower uses the familiar design of the Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan that we reviewed in 2014 and couples it with a powerful 360° Glass HEPA filter that is made to capture “ultrafine particles from the air including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander.”

I have seasonal allergies, and according to my allergist, I am just as allergic to cats as I am to peaches (I carry an epi-pen for my peach allergy, no joke) … yet I seem to have built up some kind of tolerance to cat dander. Nevertheless, I am very conscious of cat hair, dander, pollen, and anything else that might create the perfect storm to keep me from enjoying Heph’s presence.

Could the Dyson Pure Cool make much of a difference? For the past couple of weeks, it’s been my mission to find out.

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