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September 4, 2013 • Music Diary, News

FL Studio Groove for Windows RT Announced

FL Studio Groove for Windows RT

FL Studio Groove for Windows RT

In a rather surprising move, music app maker FL Studio has launched a new app called ‘FL Studio Groove’ … and they launched it for Windows RT first! The app provides an easy interface for creating grooves and chaining them together to build songs. The app is on sale for $4.99, and will come to iOS and Android eventually.

The folks at FL Studio made some other comments about the release, noting that it isn’t related to or compatible FL Studio Mobile, that there is no date yet for iOS or Android, and that Windows Phone is not planned. The app requires multi-touch to function.

Here are some of the features of FL Studio Groove:

?Sequence Drums
?Powerful piano roll for melodic work
?Two-tire piano keyboard optimized for touch
?10 drumpads with dual-sample layering
?Five 2-oscillator synthesizer channels
?Flexible mixer with production & performance effects
?FX: Glitch, Flanger/Phaser, Delay, Filters, EQ, Bit-crusher & more
?Create basses, leads, pads or experimental sounds
?Record automation of almost any parameter.

Head to the Microsoft App Store to grab FL Studio Groove for $4.99. After September 30th the price will increase to $11.99.

Here is a tutorial video showing you how to get started:

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