The ZUS Kevlar Cable Is the Strongest Cable You’ll Ever Use

If you’re looking for a new cable for your smartphone or tablet that will not only hold up after being thrown in your bag day in and day out, but a cable that is durable enough to take being pulled from the outlet without frying, look no further.


An already successful live Indiegogo campaign by a company named Nonda introduces the ZUS Kevlar charging cable as the last cable you’ll need. Do away with having 19 different cables with knots in them. No longer will you have to suffer from trying to twist your cable in different directions, or propping it next to something in order to charge your devices.


Made of DuPont Kevlar fabric which is five times stronger than steel, the ZUS Kevlar cable is designed to always work exactly when you need it to. The $15 cable has been tested to the point that not only can you bend and twist it, but the cable, available in both Lightning, Type-C and USB are strong enough to pull not one, but TWO cars a distance of 60 feet without breaking. Don’t believe us?!

If that’s not enough to convince you, the fact that the ZUS Kevlar cable comes with its own LIFETIME warranty means that if your cable does give out or breaks over the course of time, ZUS will send you a brand new cable, ensuring that you will never deal with shelling out more money on another cable.


At only $15, what’s not to love about the ZUS?

For more information on purchasing the ZUS Kevlar cable, head over to their Indiegogo campaign today.

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