The Nonda ZUS Kevlar Reinforced USB-A to Lightning Cable: The Right Angle for Charging!

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Not too long ago, I reviewed the Nonda ZUS Smart Car Finder and USB Car Charger. As you may have noticed in my review, it’s a great multi-function tool that I use in conjunction with its app to find my car after parking and to keep track of parking meter time limits.

It also does a great job of keeping my devices charged, but until now I was using an ugly cable that stuck straight out of the side. Behold …

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I was recently sent the brand new ZUS Kevlar Reinforced USB-A to Lightning Cable, and while it’s billed as being the “last cable you’ll ever need” due to its lifetime warranty, it has one other feature that makes it one of the best cables I’ve tried.

1-Nonda ZUS Kevlar Reinforced USB-A to Lightning Cable.05

Check out the angle on the USB-A part of the cable … lovely.

2-Nonda ZUS Kevlar Reinforced USB-A to Lightning Cable.24

Unlike most USB cables that stick straight out of whatever they are plugged into, the ZUS is streamlined, sleek, and space-saving.

It also looks much more at home on my ZUS car charger!

5-Nonda ZUS Kevlar Reinforced USB-A to Lightning Cable.05-001

Looks aren’t everything, of course; the ZUS is — as the name implies — Kevlar reinforced, and they have actually conducted third-party tests that bent the cable over 15,ooo times without it fraying or breaking! The ZUS is built to safely allow fast charging, and yes — it has that Lifetime warranty in case anything ever does go wrong.


Perfect for tight spots, tangle-free, and priced $10 less than most of their competitors, the 4′ long ZUS is ideal for use in the car or at your desk. Mine is going to stay in the car, but I’m going to order more to use everywhere else. =)

The ZUS Kevlar Reinforced USB-A to Lightning Cable retails for $17, and it is available for pre-order on Indiegogo. There are also USB-A to microUSB and USB-A to USB-C versions available.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Strong, Kevlar reinforced cable that withstands fraying and breaking; Lifetime warranty; Perfect for tight angles and places with limited space; Inexpensive compared to their competitors

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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