Forked Up Art Serves Up the Coolest iPhone and iPod Touch Holder Ever!

Larry sent out a tweet last week that immediately grabbed my attention: Coolest iPhone stand ever.

Oh really?

And then I clicked the link and found myself agreeing …
Forked Up Art creates cardholders, iPhone holders and other cute “figurines” out of silverware. I ordered the iSpoon iPhone holder, and now I can’t get Soundgarden’s song ‘Spoonman’ out of my head. 😛

Spoonman is made of three spoons and two forks, all soldered together and bended so that they can perfectly support my iPhone. They are available to hold devices in portrait and now in landscape orientation.

Spoonman stands about 11.5″ tall, and it is easy to connect the charging cable to the iPhone while it is being held. Remember that unless you add some kind of buffer (which I think would take away from Spoonman’s looks) raw metal will be touching your device, so it’s not a bad idea to keep your iPhone or touch in a thin case with a screen protector. You should be doing that anyway, though … right? 🙂

The iSpoon iPhone Holder is a still fair $30 (considering I practically stole mine for $20 before Forked Up Art’s  business exploded), and you can get yours at Forked Up Art’s store on Etsy. You’ll have to keep an eye on the site — they are selling out almost as fast as they are being made, which is pretty impressive! 🙂

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