Sensoria Developing New Heart-Rate Monitoring Shirts and Bras!

There’s a great deal of evidence out there that monitoring your heart rate as you workout can help determine your effort and assist with modulating your workout intensity. There are chest straps, wrist monitors, even hats…and now you can add bras and shirts to the list!

Sensoria has already added wearable tech to socks, now they’re gunning for the rest of your wardrobe!sensoria_carosel_04_1

If you aren’t already familiar with Sensoria, they make socks that can track your cadence and distance; they have special circuitry sewn into the socks, with a magnetic cuff that clips on to activate it and connect back to your phone. Their new clothing is a bit different, focusing mainly on heart rate. It’s still early, but the promotional pictures do look like they are going to be more comfortable than traditional chest straps (at least the bra does!)sensoria_carosel_03_1

Regular chest straps require you to tuck the strap beneath your bra, or have it sit right below it. Either way, for those of us who are…blessed…in the bra-needs department, sports bras are a pain from the start. The last thing you want is something riding up under your bra causing chafing or other discomfort. By building the heart rate monitor right into the strap, it eliminates having the monitor and the bra strap competing for space, which has to be better than everything being stacked.

Sensoria’s Smart Fitness clothing is coming soon and being crowdfunded, so be sure to sign up for notifications if you’re interested in upping your style AND workout game!

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