Volant Sound Brings Unique Three-in-One Headphones to Kickstarter!

Volant Sound is hitting Kickstarter hard with their super unique headphones; a three-in-one design that combines wireless Bluetooth headphones, wired over-the-ear headphones, and wired in-ear headphones. Instead of buying three different headphones for all of your listening situations, you can buy one set that morphs like a Transformer to give you exactly what you need. Pledge today to reserve yours!


The in-ear headphones employ passive noise cancelling to drown out outside sounds to ensure an uninterrupted listening experience. Once you connect the in-ear headphones to the over-the-ear headphones, there’s an internal switch that re-directs the sound from the earphones to the large speaker drivers in the over-the-ear headphones. Plus, you have the option of completely removing the earphones and use the over-the-ear headphones as wireless Bluetooth headphones.


With design consulting from award winning British design firm Therefore Design, Volant Sound’s headphones are instilled with British design integrity and attention to detail. These headphones look like a high-quality set and will be built to last.


Volant Sound is a brand new company helmed by Joshua Church, a British entrepreneur who quit a finance job in Hong Kong to pursue his passion. Volant isn’t looking to be a flash in the pan Kickstarter company, they’ve got three products and multiple patents ready to be brought to market.


If you listen to headphones multiple times a week and you’ve found yourself traveling with at least two sets of headphones for different situations, you owe it to yourself to check out these new three-in-one Volant headphones.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign via Volant Sounds’ website!  And stay tuned to Gear Diary, where we’ll have a full hands-on review once the Volant Headphones reach manufacturing.

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