ZAGG Flex Is the Go-Anywhere Keyboard for All Your Mobile Devices

ZAGG began as a company providing screen protectors for various devices. In recent years they have expanded their product line rather remarkably. Among their products is a line of keyboards that help make your phones and tablets even better productivity devices. The ZAGG Flex keyboard is a new keyboard from ZAGG. It is small, portable and gets the job done.

Portable Bluetooth keyboards can be a great way to increase the productivity you get from your smartphone or tablet. Keyboard cases (ZAGG offers some great ones!) are great, but they limit their use to one device and one device only. Stand-alone keyboards are great, but many don’t work well, are too small or, in some cases, too large to be truly portable. The ZAGG Flex is different. It is a standalone keyboard that comes with its protective cover which, when in use, serves as a stand for your mobile device. Moreover, the cover-stand separates from the keyboard so you can position the keyboard and device at optimal positions for both viewing and typing. At under $80 it is a great accessory for you or a loved one and, because it is not “device-dependance,” you can use it with any of your current devices and be confident that it will work with future devices as well.


ZAGG describes the Flex as the “perfect travel companion” that will,

Make your life easier with a slim, portable keyboard that works with all your Bluetooth devices. The protective cover folds to become a built-in stand for any-sized smartphone or tablet. The keyboard turns on the moment you fold back the cover. When you’re finished, simply fold the cover over the keyboard, stow it neatly in your bag, and go.


Inside the box, you will find the Flex Keyboard with detachable built-in stand, a micro USB charging cable, and a quick start guide. I found it strange that ZAGG still hasn’t moved to USB-C but, upon learning that the Flex can get up to a year of use on a single charge, I realized that the charging solution is pretty much irrelevant. (The one-year battery life is based upon using the keyboard for an hour a day each day without the backlighting.)

The 9” keyboard is a bit smaller than full-size but is surprisingly comfortable and easy to type on. Moving from the Apple wireless keyboards I use at home and work took a bit of an adjustment but, in a relatively short perp of time, I found the typing experience to be quite comfortable and fast. Honestly, the keyboard feels similar to what you would experience when typing on a small laptop and is certainly far better than trying to do any serious typing using the soft keyboard on your mobile device. The small size also means the keyboard is comfortable when using it in tight spaces like an airplane or train.

Part of what makes using the Flex keyboard so nice is the fact that ZAGG designed it using “laptop-style keys.” As they explain:

The laptop-style keys have been designed with a scissor switch and optimal key travel so that you get a clean, precise, even pressure with each keystroke which facilitates fast and accurate touch typing. Backlighting is available in seven different colors, so it’s easy to type in lowlight conditions.

As an added benefit, the Flex keyboard can pair with two different devices at the same time. Switching between the two devices is as simple as tapping F1 or F2. That means, for example, you can pair the keyboard with both your phone and your tablet and switch between the two. Or, if you prefer, you can pair it with your tablet and most smart TVs. That means you can get work done AND control what you are watching using the same keyboard.


Lightweight, Portable Design: The lightweight Flex keyboard comes with a foldable cover that protects it from the contents of your bag, so you can take the convenience of laptop-typing with you wherever you go.

When you pull the Flex from the box, you will find it completely wrapped in a synthetic material. This certainly does a great job protecting the keyboard when not in use, but that is just a small part of its purpose. When you open the cover to reveal the keyboard, you are presented with a few different use options.


You can pull the keyboard off of it and use the small, light keyboard on its own.

You can also leave the keyboard attached and flip the cover around to create a portable stand that will hold your device at a comfortable angle for typing.

Detachable Keyboard for Multiple Uses: The Flex keyboard and cover are attached magnetically and can easily be detached to accommodate different uses. Use the foldable cover to hold your phone or tablet on one surface and place the keyboard on your lap or on another surface.

Finally, you can use the cover as a stand for your device and desperate the keyboard so you can position the device and the keyboard at the optimally comfortable positions. It is that kind of flexibility that led to the keyboards name and, thanks to all the various ways in which it can be used, it certainly lives up to its name.

Tech Specs:

  • Device Compatibility: Smartphones, Tablets, Smart-TVs
  • Laptop-Style Keys: Yes
  • InvisibleShield Friendly: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Backlighting: Yes (7 colors)
  • Battery Life: 1 year
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.68″ x 5.51″ x 0.53″
  • Hinge Mechanism: Magnetic Hinge
  • Tablet Function Keys: Yes
  • Multi-Angle Viewing: Yes
  • Multi Pairing: Yes
  • Detachable Stand: Yes
  • Language Options Available: Yes

I’ve spent a lot of time creating content on my iPad using the soft keyboard but often find it to be a frustrating process. The soft keyboard works, but there is no tactile feel, it takes up a significant portion of the screen, and it is far from ergonomic. My typing lacks accuracy, my fingers tire quickly, and the overall experience quickly becomes a lesson in frustration.

The Flex keyboard isn’t perfect. It is, after all, just 9” wide, but it is a far cry better than trying to type on the screen. The ability to connect to two devices and switch between them with the press of a few keys is great, and the battery life is superb. The backlight makes typing at night easy, and the ability to separate the keyboard from the cover/stand means you can use the Flex pretty much anywhere at any time. The Flex truly is flexible and, at just $79.99, it is a great accessory if you use your mobile device to get work done. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the ZAGG Flex Portable, Universal Keyboard with Detachable Stand

What I Like: Comfortable typing experience; Laptop-style keys feel like laptop-style keys pair with two devices at once; Cover turns into a stand; Stand can separate from the keyboard for optimal positioning of both the keyboard and the device; Amazing battery life; Backlighting can change colors for ultimate comfort

What Needs Improvement: The Flex is just 9” wide, so while it gives a nice typing experience, it isn’t the same as using a full-size keyboard

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