Is Your Wallet Ready for Prime Day?

Good(ish) news-Amazon is bringing back Prime Day tomorrow, July 12th! Prime Day was a bit underwhelming last year, but Amazon is hyping it up big time this year, so hopefully they’ve learned from past mistakes. In the meantime, they’re previewing sales across multiple departments, so it’s really more like Prime week!


These types of sales are always tough because you have to go into it without expecting or seeking any particular deal or price. It looks like a number of items are going to be marked down, and I’ve been marking several deals to “watch” via the Amazon site and app. That way, I get a notification when deals go live and I can decide then if it’s worthwhile. So far there are a few deals on Prime movies, they’ve marked down a slew of Kindle books, and if you’re looking for cheap accessories like chargers and headphones, Amazon will definitely have you covered.

My strategy has been to pop into Amazon once a day and browse the upcoming deals in specific categories. Sarah has been spending more time working out outdoors, so I’m watching for deals on water bottles and hydration packs. We’re also considering getting a bike trailer for our son, so any deals along those lines are of interest too. I am also hoping they’ll offer one of their periodic deals on Kindle Unlimited since I’m seeing more and more titles I am interested in pop up under that program.

Basically, I have fairly low expectations for Prime Day. I figure that Amazon’s media services will have some flash deals, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see huge discounts on most of the AmazonBasics line. Beyond that, I see this as Amazon temporarily turning into the online equivalent of a TJ Maxx/Marshalls; if you go in with no expectations and start browsing, you might find an awesome deal, but you can’t go in laser-focused on a particular product or you’ll end up disappointed.

Will you be monitoring Prime Day, or is it a big yawn for you? And does anyone else think Amazon should have at least picked a PRIME NUMBER for Prime Day?

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