The Satechi 60W Multi-Port USB Charging Station: USB Type-A and Type-C Ports Galore

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The Satechi 60W Multi-Port USB Charging Station: USB Type-A and Type-C Ports Galore Listen to this article

I finally broke down and bought a MacBook after months of hard-sell from Helena. Being able to carry a full Mac OS X computer that weighs so much less than my 13″ MacBook Pro has been liberating; figuring out how to charge my travel laptop and other devices at the same time has been a bit more of a challenge.

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That’s why the Satechi Multi-Port USB Charging Station is now a permanent part of my travel kit. With its four 2A USB Type-A ports and Two USB Type-C ports, I can charge my laptop and up to five other devices at the same time.

Measuring 4.5″ long by 2.75″ wide by 1.13 thick and weighing a half pound, the Satechi is small and light enough to keep in almost any gear bag or most cable pouches.

04-SatechiMultiPort USB Charging Station USB Type-C and Type-A 3257x2879

Composed of either black or white matte plastic, the Multi-Port USB Charging Station has a solid build.

Each of the four Type-A ports can deliver up to 2A power, but they self-regulate to make sure that they only deliver the max amount of power that your device can safely handle when charging.

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ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

If you travel a lot, then you are probably used to bringing a multitude of charging cables and chargers for each device. While you’ll still need all of those cables, using the Satechi means that you’ll only need one charger for everything; this is very handy when staying in a hotel room that has limited outlets!

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As more mobile devices and laptops move to USB Type-C chargers, it’s going to be even more important to have charging devices that work with the new standard. Satechi gets you up and running with one very simple, very inexpensive, and very convenient charging station.


The Satechi Multi-Port USB Charging Station retails for $29.99 + shipping, and it is available directly from the manufacturer or from Amazon with free Prime shipping [affiliate link]. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Inexpensive; Four 2A USB Type-A charging ports; Two USB Type-C charging ports; Very portable; Allows you to use one outlet for all of your USB charging needs; Ports self-regulate to safely give the maximum charge your device can accept

What Needs Improvement: Nothing


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