Kogan Agora 6 Plus Review

The camera has good specs for a phone this affordable, with 21 megapixels, two-tone flash, an f2.2 lens, and phase-detect autofocus.


In short, it’s ok. Nothing flash, just ok. Photos in good light have good detail and accurate white balance. Add in a contrasty scene or poor lighting, and it starts to fall apart.




On several occasions, the focusing was off, despite several attempts to set a focus point. It gets pretty noisy and mushy too. This is where phones like the iPhone and Galaxy continue to earn their stripes.


Focus didn’t quite get there

While the camera may not knock your socks off, it’s certainly passable for most users looking at pictures on their phone and posting on social media.


Battery life, however, has been a strong point. With a 2950mAh cell, the Agora 6 Plus was able to make it through a moderate-to-heavy day of usage without a top-up.

kogan-agora-6plus-screenshot-5 kogan-agora-6plus-screenshot-6

Typically I take my phone off charge at 6.30am, read the latest news for 20 mins for heading to work. I listen to Apple Music streaming over Bluetooth in the car for about 20 mins to and from work and spend the rest of the day checking emails, messages, web browsing, and taking the occasional picture. Some days I’ll also hotspot to my notebook too.


I got over 4 hours of screen-on time with periods of poor signal and some brief GPS usage. As you can see in the graph, the GPS (and associated Google Maps navigation) hit the battery pretty hard this particular day.

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