Kogan Agora 6 Plus Review

The left side is home to the dual SIM and microSD tray (two SIMs or SIM+microSD if you’re wondering), the right houses the volume and power buttons.


The drilled speaker grill, microUSB, and microphone round out the bottom of the phone.

The build quality is solid, though the buttons on the right aren’t as firm feeling as those on more expensive handsets, and the cuts between the aluminium and plastic on the back are sharper than ideal. It’s pretty slippery too, so picking up a case is a good idea.


Powering it up, the display on the Agora 6 Plus is immediately impressive. The 5.5-inch Full HD display wonderfully crisp and bright, completely unashamed by the iPhone 6s Plus to the naked eye.


Of particular note is the performance when wearing polarised sunglasses. A lot of devices (Kogan’s other smartphones included) completely black out when held in landscape mode, an issue the Agora 6 Plus simply doesn’t have.

The glass has an oleophobic coating that does an excellent job of repelling fingerprints and grease, and the low reflectance made outdoor use a delight rather than a hassle. It really is a great display.


The Agora 6 Plus is powered by an octa-core Hello P10 processor (4x 1.2Ghz and 4x 2.0Ghz) with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, running a relatively stock version of Android 6.0 with the May 2016 security patch.

While that is 2 months behind on the current Google patch, at least it’s not launching completely out of date. There are very few extra apps included, with a backup app, file manager, FM radio, and Kogan store app.


This combination means the Agora 6 Plus is super smooth in day-to-day operation, handling multitasking without a hiccup.

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