HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer Truly Delivers a Mobile Office

Your computer is now thin, powerful, and gets great battery life. Your tablet is even thinner, often just as powerful, and gets even better battery life. Your workflow is truly mobile. And yet, if you want to print a document, you need to go into the office. Thanks to the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer, that’s no longer the case!


The HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer is a mobile printer with little to no compromise. It works great in an office but works equally well when you take it on the road. Yes, with the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer, you can now print high-quality documents on the go. This printer delivers all the printing prowess you would expect from an HP printer in a package that is both wireless and cordless. That’s right, you can now print pretty much anywhere you want. And while the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer isn’t exactly weightless, it is small and light enough that you can easily take it in your car or, if necessary, in your rollaboard when traveling.

As HP puts it:

“Make the world your office with powerful portable printing—no network necessary. Simply print from your laptop or mobile devices wirelessly, with or without a router. This quick, quiet printer delivers professional prints and has a long- lasting battery life.”

The OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer looks like a typical, compact inkjet printer. The top flips up to create the paper chute. The display flips forward so you can easily see it. And the paper exits at the lower front portion of the printer. There’s even a cord that plugs into the back of the printer.


In other words, when you first look at the OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer, you don’t see something that is out of the ordinary. Look a bit closer however and things begin to change.


The first indication: other than the graphics on the box that say “MOBILE PRINTER”, there is the inclusion of a long, thin, black bar in the package. This is the battery. Flip the printer over, open the door on the bottom, place the battery inside and replace the door and you are good to go.image

Plugging the printer into an outlet starts it charging and, in a short while you will be ready to print on the fly!

Now, wireless printing is not a new thing. Both my home printer and scanner let me print or scan without the need to plug in a device. This is, obviously, a huge deal when so much work is now done on tablets and phones. What makes this wireless printer stand out is the fact that you can print ANYWHERE from your laptop or mobile devices wirelessly, with or without a router. It creates its own wireless network so you don’t need to have any other form of connectivity available. And, lest you be concerned, setting up the wireless connection is painless thanks to HP Auto Wireless Connect. It makes setup easy and means you can be printing in a manner of minutes.

The only other aspect of the printer that requires setup is putting the cartridge in place. This too is simple, since the printer functions in the familiar way that pretty much all other inkjet printers function. There are just two cartridges; a black cartridge and a tri-colored color cartridge that are necessary with this printer. That’s a far cry from the multiple cartridges I need to suffer with when my home printer runs out of ink!


But mobile printing is just part of the story here. After all, one of the biggest pains with modern technology is the length of time it takes to charge many devices. It is the reason OnePlus included Dash Charging in the OnePlus 3 phone I am reviewing and Huawei included rapid charge with the MateBook two-in-one I am also reviewing. HP took the time to address this concern with the OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer. It offers HP Fast Charge. HP Fast Charge means that when the printer is off and it is plugged into an outlet, you can get a full charge in 90 minutes. That’s pretty impressive. Impressive as well is the fact that you can also charge the printer’s battery while driving in the car. Take that, road warrior!

“Plug in your AC power source to charge within 90 minutes while the printer is off, with HP Fast Charge. This durable, compact printer fits in your car, backpack, and more, for convenient printing anywhere.”

Yup, you can charge the printer at home, print documents at Starbucks and, if need be, recharge the printer in your car or at your office. And, thanks to the large and intuitive control panel, using the printer could not be easier.

“Get high-quality prints time after time with a printer designed and built to be reliable.”

Interestingly, print speeds differ when the printer is plugged in or running on battery. Obviously, this is done to maximize battery life. Still, even on battery, this printer is quick. For example, when printing a black and white document you will get high-quality prints at up to 10 pages per minute or 9 pages per minute on battery. When printing lower quality draft documents you will get up to 20 pages per minute when plugged in and up to 18 pages per minute when running on battery. Clearly, there is a minimal difference that you likely won’t even recognize.


The differences are similarly small when printing in color. High-quality color prints on AC come out at up to 7 pages per minute and 6 pages per minute on battery. Draft color prints emerge at a rate of 19 pages per minute when plugged in and 17 pages per minute on battery. And as for quality? The printer prints up to 1200 by 1200 dpi. The printer handles up to 50 sheets at a time, offers duplex printing, handles up to 5 envelopes at a time, offers borderless printing, and handles a wide range of paper sizes. Yes, this printer really does offer mobile printing with no compromises.


The 2.0″ Hi-Res display isn’t large, but it is certainly big enough to get the job done. And the fact that the printer can be closed and turned into a small rectangle of plastic means it is easy to store in your car or even pack in a large laptop bag or backpack.

The other features are impressive too. It has a processor “brain” running at 525 MHz. That’s substantially more powerful than my first ten computers! It offers automatic paper sensors, both HP ePrint and mobile printing capabilities and packs in a USB 2.0 port and Wi-Fi connectivity. Oh, and as mentioned, it requires just two print cartridges. Designed to work equally well with computers running both Windows and Mac there is also, it seems, a way to use it with Linux. (I don’t use Linux so I was not able to test this.) And of course, being a printer fit for 2016 it also prints from mobile devices!


In all, this is a great printer option for anyone who might need to print on the road. If you travel a lot or go to seminars that might require printing documents or you simply love the idea of having the flexibility to print pretty much anywhere and anytime, this printer is the one to get.

Check it out here!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer

What I Like: Small in size, big in power; Works on AC and battery; Good battery life; Fast; Flexible printing on a variety of paper and envelopes; Requires only two ink sources; Prints in Black and White and Color

What Needs Improvement: From my experience thus far … not a thing

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